Event Planning Tip #6

Conduct a Logistics Site Visit

• Schedule a time to walk-through your event venue with the Facilities Manager, Catering Manager (if needed), and any internal/external vendors to discuss your program and desired set-up.
• Does your facility have the capability for all the audio/video support you need?
• Does your facility have all the furniture and equipment you will need for your program (tables, chairs, coat racks, easels, rope & stanchion, etc.)?  Don’t forget to include any furniture needs for Dining Services in your overall calculations.
• Does your facility have internet connections?  Phone connections?  Do you know where the electrical outlets are?
• Be sure to identify the location of the restrooms and well as emergency exits.
• Do you need any further decorations or props?  Did you include these in your budget plan?
• Do you need to rent any items for your program?
• Have you given your Facilities Manager a diagram of your room lay-out?

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