Event Planning Tip #2

Select a Date and Location

• What is the desired date for your event?  Before confirming it, clear the date with all important participants.  Be sure to check your desired date with the academic calendar as well as with the calendar maintained by Campus Information & Visitor Relations for any possible conflicts.
• Have you checked to make sure your date does not conflict with any major religious observances?
• Be sure to select back-up-dates for your event.
• How many people to you anticipate attending?
• What type of space would be most conducive to your event?
• What types of audio/visual equipment will you need to support your event?
• Submit the Space Request Form to University Reservations with details about your event and your desired date(s) and location(s).  University Reservations will respond within two business days with a hold on the space to be assigned to your event.  The hold will not become confirmed until a Room Reservations Form has been submitted with appropriate signatures.
• Not sure what space might be appropriate for your event, or will your event have complex scheduling needs?  Contact the Events & Conferences Associate Director of Operations at 3-2769; he will be happy to discuss your event with you and recommend space solutions.
• If you are planning an outdoor event, have you identified an indoor venue or alternate plan in case of inclement weather?
• Will hotel accommodations be needed for out-of-town participants and/or guests?  Have you blocked rooms and/or made the necessary reservations directly?

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