Little Money, Big Impact

in dquinlan, planning tips
December 2nd, 2011

floating candlesIf only we had a dollar for every time a client said, “We just don’t have the budget for that…”

At E&C, we understand that sometimes you come up with a great idea, but it’s just not cost effective for your event.  However, all hope is not lost!

There are many ways to make small additions for big impact at your next event:

  • Adding a floral arrangement to your buffet gives it a VIP look
  • Setting votive candles on your guest tables creates a warm & inviting atmosphere
  • Having an event in Fall?  You’d be shocked how great those miniature pumpkins are for adding a burst of color to your tables!
  • Even a single flower in a tall vase can create a colorful contrast to your linens.

We’re all looking for way to help reduce that “university building” look and feel, so we’d love to hear your ideas too!