Event Highlights: 5th Transatlantic Dialogue on Gender Issues – Woman Up! for a New Progressive Agenda

March 11th, 2014 in Event Highlights, Podcasts

On March 3 and 4, 2014, the Center for the Study of Europe, in collaboration with BU’s Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, hosted the 5th Transatlantic Dialogue on Gender Issues: Woman Up! for a New Progressive Agenda. The goal of the two-day event, sponsored by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Fondation Jean Jaurès, was to explore theoretical, strategic and policy challenges concerning gender equality facing progressives on both sides of the Atlantic and to consider ways to strengthen progressives’ positions in future elections. Participants included, Zita Gurmai, MEP for the Hungarian Socialist Party and President of the Party of European Socialists;  Pia Locatelli, Italian politician and MEP for the Italian Democratic Socialists; Gina Sapirio, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Boston University; and Ghislaine Toutain, Consultant with the Fondation Jean Jaurès among several others. For a full list of participants, please view the event announcement and schedule here.



Listen to the workshop sessions on Sound Cloud*:

*We regret that due to technical difficulties, we were not able to record introductory remarks by Zita Gurmai, Pia Locatelli, and Ghislaine Toutain, the first session on “The (In)visibility of Left feminism,” or Victoria Budson’s remarks in the second session on “Changing the Narrative on Gender Issues.”

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Woman Up! for a New Progressive Agenda (03/03/14 – 03/04/14)

January 29th, 2014 in Event Announcements

Woman up! for a new progressive agenda
Fifth Transatlantic dialogue on gender issues

March 2014 marks the fifth edition of the transatlantic dialogue on gender issues, organized by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Fondation Jean Jaurès, and hosted by the Center for the Study of Europe at Boston University in collaboration with the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program at Boston University. The two-day event will kick off Women's History Month, the 2014 theme of which—Celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment—serves as an inspiration to link past achievements with present and future aspirations.

The current political momentum both in Europe and the USA, combined with this exciting anniversary, present a unique occasion within the cycle of the transatlantic dialogue. This is expressed symbolically through the fact that the venue of the dialogue is again Boston University, where the research program was launched five years ago.

Topics to be addressed are crucial in the short-term given upcoming elections in Europe and the US. However, participants in the conference, by synthesizing the experiences from past meetings, will also be looking at theoretical, strategic and policy challenges concerning gender equality that progressives will face over the long-term on both sides of the Atlantic. The dialogue is planned to be an inspiration for both American and European participants: collecting initiatives and setting up strategies to strengthen progressives’ positions in future elections.

The workshop is open to anyone with an academic interest in women's issues. Seating is limited and advance registration is requested. [Register]

Monday, March 3, 2014
Boston University Castle, 225 Bay State Road

9:30-10:00 | Registration and coffee

10:00-10:30 | Welcome and introduction

Chair: Vivien Schmidt, Director, Center for the Study of Europe

  • Zita Gurmai, PES Women President
  • Pia Locatelli, FEPS Scientific Council
  • Gina Sapiro, Dean, College Arts & Sciences, Boston University
  • Ghislaine Toutain, Consultant, Fondation Jean Jaurès, France

10:30-12:30 | The (In)visibility of Left feminism: A Historical Perspective

How have progressive political forces have become from norms setters to reactive followers concerning gender equality? How can the progressives address structural inequalities and increase women’s visibility to enlarge their societal basis through parity?

Chair: Lesia Radelicki, Policy Advisor, PES

  • Monique Halpern, Independent Consultant, France
  • Kay Schlozman, Department of Political Science, Boston College

12:30-13:30 | Lunch

13:30-15:30 | Changing the Narrative on Gender Issues: From Struggle to Emancipation

Against the crisis, how can we develop a positive story of emancipation?

Chair: Judit Tánczos, Policy Advisor, FEPS

  • Victoria Budson, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Caroline de Haas, Founder, D'égal à égale
  • Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School

15:30-16:00 | Coffee break

16:00-18:00 | Revisiting the Core Policy: Gendered Analysis of the New Welfare State

How can progressives shape a more gender equal post-crisis welfare state?

Chair:  Katherine Krimmel, Department of Political Science, Boston University

  • Linda McClain, School of Law, Boston University
  • Eileen McDonagh, Department of Political Science, Northeastern University
  • Aliki Mouriki, Associate, Greek National Centre of Social Research

18:00-18:30 | Summary of the day

Tuesday, 4th March 2014
Boston University Castle, 225 Bay State Road

8:30-9:00 | Registration and coffee

9:00-11:00 | Strengthened Commitment to the International Dimension: Gender, Peace, and Security

How can progressives advocate for a gender sensitive peace promotion as part of the global governance? How can progressives promote effective implementation of UNSCR 1325 and related Resolutions within regional organizations and through national action plans?

Chair: Kaija Schilde, Department of International Relations, Boston University

  • Malathi de Alwis, Consultant Socio-Cultural Anthropologist, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Sanam Naraghi Anderlini, Co-Founder, International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) and Senior Fellow, MIT Center for International Studies
  • Carol  Cohn, Director of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights, UMass Boston
  • Nicoletta Pirozzi, Senior Fellow, Institute for International Affairs in Rome and Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Political Science of Roma Tre University

11:00-12:45 | Addressing Current Challenges: Gender and New Forms of Political Activism

What is the relationship between gender and new forms of political activism? How can progressive political parties embrace these new forms of political activism while safeguarding their distinctive narrative on gender issues?

Chair: Khiara Bridges, School of Law, Boston University

  • Pnina Lahav, School of Law, Boston University
  • Andrea Pető, Department of Gender Studies, Central European University
  • Shauna Shames, Department of Government, Harvard University

12:45-13:30 | Lunch

13:30-15:30 | Sharing Effective Strategies: Mobilizing Women for the Progressive Cause

How can we combine traditional means of communication with new technologies in order to mobilise more women for the progressive cause?

Chair: Anaïs Anouilh, Policy officer, Fondation Jean Jaurès

  • Diane Balser, Women and Gender Studies, Boston University
  • Ivana Bartoletti, Chair, Fabian Women's Network
  • Laurel Weldon, Department of Political Science, Purdue University

15:30-16:00 | Closing

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