Event Highlights: The Urbanization of Anti-Capitalist Struggle with David Harvey

October 22nd, 2012 in Event Highlights

The Center for the Study of Europe co-sponsored the recent visit of influential geographer and theorist David Harvey to Boston University. Harvey delivered the Annual Humanities Lecture on “The Urbanization of Anti-Capitalist Struggle” on Thursday, October 18, and hosted an “open seminar” for faculty and graduate students on Friday, October 19.

In his lecture, Harvey took up the three major themes he has covered in his work: namely, the dynamics of capital accumulation, urbanization, and anti-capitalist struggles. According to Harvey, the city is central to our understanding of how capital works today. The expansion and therefore surpluses of capital are an essential part of the capitalist system, and cities are the centers of global capital surplus production and absorption. Visit the Topograph Blog for a lengthier summary of the lecture by researcher Helen Pallett.

The subject of Harvey’s Friday seminar was Reading Marx’s Capital, Volume II.