EU Futures

2015 - 2017 In: ,

The aim our EU Futures project is to launch a longer-term “conversation” on the future of Europe, what “Europe” means, and what its next steps ought to be.
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European Voices

2012 to present In: Featured Media: Video

What do artists and intellectuals have to tell us about the future that is emerging now in Europe?
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2015 - 2017 In:

How can the US and Europe lead the global transition from actual global disorder to a new global order based on cooperation and partnership instead of competition and confrontation?
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2015 - 2018 In:

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Promoting women’s leadership in international relations and diplomacy
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Russian Voices

2013 to present In:

Russian Voices addresses questions of language, culture, nation, history, and the role of the poet (and of the translator) in society.
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Irish Voices

Spring 2013 to present In: Featured Media: Video

Irish Voices is a series of events and talks focusing on poetry and Irish culture.
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Resilient Liberalism

Spring 2012 to Fall 2013 In:

A book and conference project directed by Vivien Schmidt.
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