German Stage presents Theresia Walser's "I'm Just Like You - I Like Apples"

6:30 pm on Monday, July 15, 2013
Goethe Institut Boston, 170 Beacon Street, Boston
Award-winning German playwright Theresia Walser returns to Boston for the American premiere of her new play I Am Just Like You – I Love Apples after the successful (Boston Globe Critics' Pick) American Premiere of her play A Little Calm Before the Storm. Three wives of dictators meet on a TV talk-show: Margot Honecker (GDR), Imelda Marcos (Philippines) and Leila Ben Ali (Tunisia). An interpreter tries his best to mediate, but instead promotes a rivalry of monstrous proportions in which even the smallest misunderstanding sparks a fatal political catastrophe. As if in the midst of friendly neighbors, they gossip about Stalin’s parties, Mao’s hand kisses and gifts from Castro. Even assassinations and rebellions are treated nonchalantly - necessary evils, really. Theresia Walser transforms the banality of evil into an absurd grotesque mockery. German Stage is an initiative by the Goethe-Institut Boston to explore narratives in German culture and society through theater. In addition to presenting contemporary German plays in the presence of invited playwrights, German Stage is also dedicated to developing works that address current and historical topics in Germany. Followed by Q&A and Cocktail Party on the Balcony with Theresia Walser. Don't forget to wear your fancy shoes!