17th Boston Early Music Festival: Siobhán Armstrong, harp & Aine Ni Dhroighneain, voice

11:15 pm on Friday, June 14, 2013
Emmanuel Church, Newbury Street, Boston
Enjoy the ravishing high art of the old Gaelic world with the singing of Áine Ní Dhroighneáin and the rare, exquisite sound of the early Irish harp, played by Ireland’s foremost historical harpist, Siobhán Armstrong. Ní Dhroighneáin sings ancient and highly evocative unaccompanied songs in the florid sean-nós way, and also performs meltingly beautiful 17th- and 18th-century Irish harpers’ songs. Siobhán Armstrong plays a facsimile copy of Ireland’s national emblem, the Trinity College harp, which is perhaps Europe’s oldest surviving harp. She plays both sparkling and melancholic compositions of the early Irish harpers in the ancient manner, with fingernails striking brass, silver, and 18-carat gold strings.