Wednesday, October 5 | Lecture: “Is Germany Outgrowing Europe” by Ulrike Guerot

100511GUEROTUlrike Guerot, head of the Berlin Office of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), gave a luncheon talk for faculty and graduate students on the economic crisis in the European Union, which she framed as a crisis of leadership in Germany. [Blogpost]


Tuesday, October 25 | Lecture: “The World in 20 Years: What Role for France?” by Nicolas Tenzer

102511TENZERBeyond the debate on France’s decline and French “exceptionalism,” a question remains. Can France, and other countries of its stature, play a significant world role in the future? In his lunchtime talk at Boston University’s Center for the Study of Europe, the French intellectual Nicolas Tenzer addressed how such a role is possible for France, but it will require major changes in the country’s organization and attitude towards diplomacy, the transparency of its political and civil institutions and its presence in developing countries and markets. [Blogpost]

Thursday, October 27 | Lecture: “Knowledge Regimes in the US and Europe” by John Campbell

102711CAMPBELLJohn Campbell of Dartmouth College and Copenhagen Business School was at Boston University to present the results of his three-year multi-country study of knowledge regimes in the US and Europe, co-authored with Ove Pederson. Over the course of the project, funded in part by the NSF, Campbell and Pederson conducted over 100 interviews with think tank heads and participants. In his lunch talk for graduate students and faculty, Campbell focussed on the politics of policy knowledge in the US and Europe, while his afternoon session honed in on the study itself.  Co-presented by the Center for the Study of Europe, the Department of Political Science, and the Graduate Faculty of Political Science. [Blogpost]