Making a Difference

Why should you support Boston University? Although alumni, parents, friends, and institutional partners of BU all have their own compelling answer to this question, there are some overriding motivations that many of our donors share.

Our donors want to give back to the University (and often to the school or college) that—in fundamental ways—helped make them who they are today.

They also want to give forward: helping the next generation of deserving students from around the world gain access to a BU education, and helping our outstanding faculty and researchers add to the world’s store of knowledge. They want to support BU’s interdisciplinary and boundary-crossing research, which is making lives better, on both individual and societal levels. And they want to support our vision of a campus that is opportunity-rich for its students and faculty, and fully supportive of the undergraduate educational experience.

Support the Center for the Study of Europe

The Center for the Study of Europe at Boston University (formerly the Institute for Human Sciences) seeks to broaden knowledge of Europe through multi- and interdisciplinary programming for the BU academic community, teachers and faculty at other educational institutions, as well as the public at large. Since 2002, the center has attracted distinguished European scholars and opinion-leaders to campus, thus making Boston University a place where European voices are heard regularly. In addition, the center offers a major and a minor in European Studies, which includes courses in politics, law, film, language, and other related disciplines. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of BU’s study abroad opportunities.

The center does receive support from the University to cover its core expenditures, e.g., for infrastructure and personnel. However, it has to rely largely on funds raised from private and public, national and international institutions and donors to realize its programs and activities.

We would like to encourage all those who have followed, supported, or taken part in the life of the Center for the Study of Europe in recent years to contribute and thus help us to continue our work. We are convinced that critical discussion and reflection involving scholars, political decision-makers, and society at large are needed to find solutions for the pressing issues of our time. If you share this belief, we cordially invite you to support us with your donation. Your contribution will help us to finance our public events and will also support new initiatives such as fellowships for young academics to pursue research on Europe-related topics.

How to Give

The link to the Campaign site is:

Does your company run an annual corporate giving campaign?

Did you know that Boston University, as a designated 501(c)3 organization, is eligible to receive the charitable gift you make through your company’s annual appeal? Simply include the University’s name and address in the “501(c)3 Agency Designation” section of your company’s pledge form.

If your company requires any information about Boston University that you cannot provide, simply contact the Development & Alumni Relations office. You can reach us by phone at 617-353-5261 or email us at

For Major Gifts

Please contact our director, Cathie Martin ( to initiate discussions about how your gift can make a difference or about the Center for the Study of Europe’s activities, planning, or priorities.