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AN 316 Contemporary European EthnographyAN 515 Authenticity and Identity

CAS CC 202 Core Humanities IV: From the Enlightenment to Modernity

CAS CC 203 Core Social Science I: Foundations of the Social Sciences

CAS EN 323 British Literature II

CAS EN 335 British & Irish Poets: 1890 to 21st Century

CAS EN 355, 356 Modern Drama I and II

CAS EN 468 Critical Studies in British Literature

CAS EN 529 The Romantic Age I

CAS EN 530 The Romantic Age

CAS EN 531 Victorian Literature 1

CAS EN 532 Victorian Literature 2

CAS EN 535 Twentieth-Century British and Irish Poetry

CAS EN 543 The Nineteenth-Century British Novel

CAS EN 544 The Modern British Novel

CAS EN 568 Studies in British Literature (variable topics)

CAS EN 570 Studies in British Literary Movements (variable topics)

CAS EN 573 Victorian Poetry

*CAS EN 574 Studies in Literary Genres

*CAS EN 575/576 Studies in Literature and Gender

CAS EN 578 Studies in British Writers (variable topics)

*CAS EN 582 Studies in Modern Literature

*CAS EN 584 Studies in Literature and Ethnicity

*CAS EN 586 Studies in Anglophone Literature

CAS EN 589 Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Fiction

*CAS EN 590 Studies in Comparative Literature

*CAS EN 591/592 Studies in Literature and Society

*CAS EN 593/594 Studies in Literature and the Arts

*CAS EN 595/596 Studies in Literary Topics

*CAS EN 598 Studies in Contemporary Literature

CAS HI 102 The Emergence of Modern Europe: Renaissance to the Present

CAS HI 208 Renaissance Europe

CAS HI 209 The Reformation: Religious Conflict in Early Modern Europe

CAS HI 210 Europe Between Renaissance and Revolution

CAS HI 212 Early Modern Europe, 1715-90

CAS HI 215/PO 393 The European Enlightenment

CAS HI 216 The Second Sex in European History

CAS HI 217 History of Europe, 1815–1914

CAS HI 218 Power and Authority in Europe since World War I

CAS HI 219 Jews in the Modern World

CAS HI 220 The Culture of World War I/ KHC HI 102 The Culture of World War I

CAS HI 221/PO 394 Catastrophe & Memory

CAS HI 226 Cities and Cultures

CAS HI 228 History of Modern Diplomacy: Institutions, Practices, and Principles, 1400-1919

CAS HI 247 The Making of Modern Britain

CAS HI 248 Modern Britain, 1867­­–Present

CAS HI 252 Class, Power, and the Making of British Identity

CAS HI 254 History of Ireland

CAS HI 258 Reform and Reaction in Modern Spain

CAS HI 262 Modern Italian History

CAS HI 266 French Revolution and Napoleon

CAS HI 267 Nineteenth-Century France

CAS HI 270 Twentieth-Century Germany

CAS HI 271 The Nazis

CAS HI 272 The History of Imperial Russia

CAS HI 273 The History of the Soviet Union

CAS HI 274 Topics in Modern Russian and Soviet History, 1861–1956

CAS HI 275 History of the Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe

CAS HI 278 Central Europe

CAS HI 317 Nineteenth-Century European Thought and Culture

CAS HI 323 British History Since 1900 I

CAS HI 358 Twentieth-Century European Thought and Culture

CAS HI 360/AA 380 European Dimensions of the Black Diaspora

CAS HI 414 Society and Culture in Early Modern Europe

CAS HI 417 England from Reformation to Revolution

CAS HI 424 Communism, 1789–1989

CAS HI 425 Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe

CAS HI 426 Music and Ideas from Mozart to the Jazz Age

CAS HI 428 Postwar European Culture

CAS HI 429 British History Since 1900 II

CAS HI 430 Comparative European Fascism

CAS HI 433 History of Ireland and Northern Ireland Since 1916

CAS HI 434 Monarchy in Modern Britain

CAS HI 435 Histories of Human Rights

CAS HI/IR 436 The Great War and the Fragile Peace

CAS HI 440 Refugee Hollywood (1933–1950)

CAS HI 443 Jews and Germans

CAS HI 446 Revolutionary Russia

CAS HI 514/PH 412/PO 592 Enlightenment and Its Critics

CAS HI 533/IR 514 – Empire and Power: British Foreign Policy, 1782-Present

CAS HI 537 World War II: Causes, Course, Consequences

CAS HI 538/IR 538 France, Europe, and the World: The History of French Foreign Relations in Modern Times

CAS AH 287 The Nineteenth Century

CAS AH 295 History of Photography

CAS AH 368 The Grand Tour

CAS AH 380 Romanticism in Europe

CAS AH 382 Nineteenth-Century Architecture

CAS AH 391 Twentieth-Century Art to 1940

CAS AH 392 Twentieth-Century Art from 1940 to 1980

CAS AH 393 Contemporary Art: 1980 to Now

CAS AH 398 Twentieth-Century Architecture

*CAS AH 421 Undergraduate Seminar: Modern Architecture

CAS AH 482 Seminar: Nineteenth-Century Art

*CAS AH 494 Seminar: Photography

*CAS AH 495 Seminar: Twentieth-Century Art

*CAS AH 497 Seminar: Contemporary Art

*CAS AH 520 The Museum and Historical Agency

CAS AH 540 Europe and the Islamic World: Medieval and Early-Modern Cultural Exchange

CAS AH 583 English Country House and America’s Cottages

*CAS AH 585 Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism

CAS IR 250/PO 343 Europe and International Relations

CAS IR 325/HI 229 The Great Powers and the Eastern Mediterranean

CAS IR 341/HI 278 Central Europe

CAS IR 363/PO 370 Soviet Politics 1917–91

CAS IR 364/PO 371 Politics of Post-Communist Russia

CAS IR 375/PO 372 Introduction to Russian and Post-Soviet Foreign Relations

CAS IR 452/PO 539 Topics in European Politics and Culture

CAS IR 500 Topics in International Relations: European Union Law

CAS IR 536/GE 536 European Environmental Policy

CAS IR/HI 538 France, Europe, and the World: The History of French Foreign Relations in Modern Times

CAS IR 539 State-Formation and Nation-Building in Southeastern Europe: From Byzantium to Brussels

CAS IR 541 Russia’s International Policies I

CAS IR 542 The Reemergence of Russia

CAS IR 543 The Changing Face of Eastern Europe

CAS IR 545 The Arctic and Global Politics

CAS IR 549/PO 545 Politics and International Relations of the Federal Republic of Germany

CAS IR 550/PO 535 European Integration

CAS IR 551/PO 536 Social Europe: Identity, Citizenship, and the Welfare State

CAS IR 552/PO 544 Nordic Europe

CAS IR 558/PO 540 Turkey and the European Union: The History and Contemporary Aspects of Turkey’s European Path

CAS IR 589/PO 582 North Atlantic/European Security Issues

CAS IR 596/PO 529 Globalization and Contemporary Capitalism in Advanced Industrialized Nations

LAW JD 880 European Union Law


CAS LG 250 Masterpieces of German Literature (in English translation)

CAS LG 280 Topics in German Culture (in English translation) (variable topics)

CAS LG 282 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud (in English translation)

CAS LG 283 The Faust Tradition

CAS LG 325 German History and Culture through Film

CAS LG 340 Topics in German Civilization (variable topics)

CAS LG 350 Introduction to German Literature

CAS LG 387 Weimar Cinema (taught in English)

CAS LG 450 Origins of German Culture

CAS LG 452 The Age of Reason and Revolution

CAS LG 453 Romanticism

CAS LG 454 Nineteenth-Century German Literature

CAS LG 455 Twentieth Century Culture: Before 1945

CAS LG 456 Twentieth Century Culture: Since 1945

CAS LG 461 German Poetry


CAS LR 250 Classics of Russian Prose (in English translation)

CAS LR 280 Dostoyevsky (in English translation)

CAS LR 281 Tolstoy (in English translation)

CAS LR 282 Russian Prose Classics of the Twentieth Century (in English translation)

CAS LR 285 Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky (in English translation)

CAS LR 350 Introduction to Analysis of Russian Prose Texts

CAS LR 351 Introduction to Analysis of Russian Prose Texts

CAS LR 354 Russian Theater

CAS LR 355 Chekhov: The Stories and Plays (in English translation)

CAS LR 383 Russian Literature and Spirituality (in English translation)

CAS LR 388 Russian and Soviet Film (in English translation)

CAS LR 440 Russian Drama

CAS LR 441 Contemporary Russian Press

CAS LR 442 Russian Media

CAS LR 443 Contemporary Russian Culture

CAS LR 451 Topics in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature

CAS LR 456 Topics in Twentieth-Century Russian Literature

Comparative Literature

CAS XL 222 Introduction to Comparative Literature: Western Literature (in English translation)

CAS XL 281/RN 385 Holocaust Literature and Film (in English translation)

*CAS XL 310/CL 310 Classical and Modern Literature

CAS XL 320 – Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice”

CAS XL 351/LG 283 The Faust Tradition

*CAS XL 381 Topics in Gender and Literature (in English translation)

*CAS XL 430 Topics in Literary Influence

CAS XL 520 Theory of the Novel

CAS XL 540 Theory and Practice of Literary Translation

*CAS XL 556 Topics in Literature and Culture

CAS MU 229 Masterpieces of OperaCAS MU 230 Mozart

CFA MH 211/212 History and Literature of Music 1 & 2

CFA MH 324 Music in the Classical Period (3 cr)

CFA MH 325 Romantic Music (3 cr)

CFA MH 326 Music After 1900 (3 cr)

*CFA MH 334 Interdisciplinary Topics in Music History (3 cr)

CFA MH 343 Beethoven (2 or 4 cr)

CFA MH 424 Music in the Classical Period (4 cr)

CFA MH 425 Romantic Music (4 cr)

CFA MH 426 Music After 1900 (4 cr)

*CFA MH 427 Selected Topics in Music History

CAS PH 248 ExistentialismCAS PH 310 History of Modern Philosophy

CAS PH 410 Continental Rationalism

CAS PH 411 British Empiricism

CAS PH 412/HI 514/PO 592 Philosophy of the Enlightenment

CAS PH 413 Kant

CAS PH 415 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

CAS PH 416 Hegel

CAS PH 418/PO 498 Marx and Marxism

CAS PH 419 Nietzsche

CAS PH 424 Wittgenstein

CAS PH 426 Phenomenology

CAS PH 427 Heidegger and Existential Philosophy

CAS PH 453/PO 495 Theories of Political Society

CAS PO 221/IR 359 British Political Institutions

CAS PO 324/IR 340 Comparative Public Policy

CAS PO 341/IR 362 European Politics

CAS PO 392 Modern Political Theory

CAS PO 528/IR 723 The Political Economy of Advanced Societies

CAS PO 537/IR 537 The British Political System

CAS RN 328 Judaism in the Modern Period

CAS RN 329 Modern Jewish Thought

CAS RN 344 Islam and the West

CAS RN 374 The Church and the Jews

CAS RN 384 The Holocaust

CAS RN 470 Topics in Medieval Religious Culture (variable topics)

CAS RN 577/578/583/584 Literature of Memory III–VI


*CAS LF 303 French Composition and Conversation I

CAS LF 340 France Past to Postmodern: French Civilization Through Film

CAS LF 341 Topics in Contemporary French Culture

CAS LF 350 Introduction to the Analysis of French Texts

CAS LF 351 Introduction to the French Novel

CAS LF 356 Le Cinéma Français

CAS LF 453 The French Enlightenment (variable topics)

CAS LF 455 Studies in Nineteenth-Century French Literature

CAS LF 456 The Postcolonial Novel

CAS LF 460 Twentieth-Century French Literature II

CAS LF 469 New French Identities: Immigration and Citizenship in French Cinema

CAS LF 475 Senior Seminar

CAS LF 550 Studies in Eighteenth-Century French Literature

CAS LF 551 Modern French Theatre

CAS LF 554 Émile Zola and Naturalism

CAS LF 555 The Epistolary Novel

CAS LF 556 French Cinema and Literature

CAS LF 558 Colonial Fictions: Modern French Writing and the Colonies

*CAS LF 569 Topics in Francophone Writing

CAS LF 570 Topics in Twentieth-Century/Twenty-First-Century French Literature (variable topics)

CAS LF 571 Topics in Nineteenth-Century French Literature (variable topics)

CAS LF 590 Topics in Early Modern Culture


CAS LI 283 Twentieth-Century Culture and the Italian Film (in English translation)

CAS LI 288 The Novel in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Italy (in English translation)

*CAS LI 305 Topics in Composition and Culture

CAS LI 352 Italian Literature III: Modern Period

CAS LI 340 Culture and Civilization in Italy

CAS LI 349 Italian Seminar: Social, Political, and Cultural Life of Today’s Italy

CAS LI 352 Italian Literature III: Modern Period

CAS LI 450 The Novel in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Italy

CAS LI 453 Autobiography and the Confessional Novel

CAS LI 459/RN 459/XL 459 Primo Levi within Holocaust Literature

CAS LI 473 The Masters of Italian Cinema

CAS LI 590 Topics in Modern Italian Literature and Criticism


CAS LS 350 Introduction to Analysis of Hispanic Texts

CAS LS 454 Survey of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature

CAS LS 504 History of the Spanish Language

CAS LS 552 Lorca and his Contemporaries

CAS LS 559 The Spanish Civil War in Literature

CAS LS 561 The Generation of 1898

CAS LS 564 Spanish Realism

CAS LS 566 Spanish Romanticism

CAS LS 574 Literature and Politics in Post-Franco Spain (1975–2000)

CAS LS 575 Topics in Peninsular Literature (variable topics)

*CAS LS 579 Topics in Hispanic Cinemas

CAS SO 203 Introduction to Sociological Theories

CAS SO 246 Sociology of Market Transitions

CAS SO 301 Challenge and Change in British Education

CAS SO 303 Substantive Themes in Sociological Theory

CAS SO 321 Contemporary Issues in British Welfare

CAS SO 341 Contemporary Irish Society

CAS SO 462 Great Theorists

CAS SO 541/AN 541 Modernity Seminar I

CAS SO 543/AN 543 Modernity Seminar II


*These courses in literature and the arts may sometimes be credited toward the European Studies major, but only with advisor approval and when the topic is developed through central focus on European works, contexts, issues, movements, and engagements.

Note: Courses not listed above may fulfill European Studies program requirements with prior approval from the program director