College of Arts & Sciences

Kimberly Arkin, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Odile Cazenave, Professor of French; Chair of Romance Studies
Juliet Floyd, Professor of Philosophy
William Keylor, Professor of History and International Relations
Alya Guseva, Associate Professor of Sociology
Cathie Jo Martin, Professor of Political Science; Director of the Center for the Study of Europe
Kaija Schilde, Assistant Professor of International Relations
Vivien Schmidt, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration; Professor of International Relations and Political Science; Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Europe (2011-2016)
William Waters, Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature (Associate Director)
Gregory Williams, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art

School of Law

Daniela Caruso, Professor of Law

College of Fine Arts

Benjamín Juárez, Professor of Fine Arts