Solidarity at the Time of COVID-19: A Conversation with Laoise Moore, Consul General of Ireland to New England

May 4th, 2020 in News

This conversation with Laoise Moore, Consul General of Ireland to New England, is the sixth in as series of interviews we have been conducting with European Consul Generals in Boston on the theme of Solidarity at the Time of COVID-19. The aim of the series is to explore the various responses to the coronavirus pandemic, and in particular, the various approaches to material solidarity, in different European countries.

In this conversation, Laoise Moore discusses the effects of the pandemic on her work with the large Irish community in Boston and the challenge she and her team have had finding new ways to achieve their objectives. Then she outlines the response to the virus in Ireland – a country where a culture of solidarity has long prevailed – and emphasizes her nation’s commitment to maintaining an open border with Northern Ireland in spite of the pandemic. Speaking about the importance of solidarity at EU level she says, “Coronavirus is bigger than anyone of us; it is bigger than any member state. If we are going to beat this and come out of it and prosper and thrive in the future, we’re all going to have to take steps together.” Overall, she expresses confidence in the EU, noting that while discussions among the 27 member states are contentious, compromise ensues.