International Geopolitics Competition

April 14th, 2019 in Opportunities

Polish Geopolitics Society invites all students, PhD candidates and any person with passion toward geopolitics to participate in the 2nd International Geopolitics Competition where are scholarships, publications and fame to win.

Polish Geopolitical Society attracts people interested in geopolitics from many countries (in recent edition there were Azeri, Belarussian, Czech, Hungarian, Khazakh, Turkish students) to educate them about many different views on peace building, national defense, international security and threats as well as other fields of knowledge based on geopolitics. The aim of the event is to find out the best and most ambitious students in a field of geopolitics and reward them with an opportunity to integrate, discuss, get known to scholars and other best students, as well as reward them with honourable titles and valuable prizes.

The languages of international competition are Polish and English, with both language tests versions same in meaning and difficulty.

To take a part in the competition you have to be a person which doesn’t hold PhD at the moment of signing in. Students of each educational level are invited, high school, Bachelor, Masters and PhD students. For person below 18 y.o. parent or another legal guardian agreement will be required. Competitors may represent their school/university or start individually.


– Complete this form and send it to organizers:

– Participants from abroad don’t need to pay an organizing fee for Polish Geopolitical Society (as they will have to cover their higher trip costs if they will be in III stage).

– All above have to be fulfilled before end of April.

– Having a doctorate abolish participation, but all PhDs still can cooperate with PTG as an organizers.

The participation will be confirmed by email and on a list of participants on the Competition web page:

The rules, prizes and timetable of competition is available in English here:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact the competition team via email