La Manouba International Summer School Human Rights & Democratic Transition: Between Hopes & Risks

May 28th, 2013 in Opportunities

We are delighted to announce the second GR:EEN – GEM PhD Summer School, organised by our colleagues at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

It will be held in Carthage (Tunisia), in partnership with the Manouba University in Tunisia, from August 18 – 23. The chosen topic is “The Arab Spring, Domestic Democratic Transitions and the Evolving Euro-Mediterranean Framework.”

The choice of the host university – Manouba University in Tunisia – will provide students with direct access to a political and intellectual environment in the midst of its own transition. The association of high level global research networks will provide a Summer School with the scope, resources and quality to be expected from a world class international doctoral training and research exercise. GR:EEN – as an integrated research programme involving 16 universities – and GEM – as an Erasmus Mundus global PhD School – will further enhance the diversity, profile and expertise of the participating researchers and academics.

The summer school’s inter-disciplinary approach implies the inclusion of a broad range of perspectives. Interventions are to be given by: EU and Area Studies experts, historians, political scientists, economists, lawyers, Security Analysts and sociologists will provide participants with complementary insights. Overall, the expertise garnered by the Summer School will help participants to further their own work, as well as better understand the complex and multidimensional changes affecting the Arab world.

Mornings are devoted to a set of topical panels on the regional and global implications of the Arab Spring. Afternoons will include doctoral workshops focussing on the international implications and comparative lessons to be drawn from the experience of transition in the Arab world and beyond. Contributions will explore how regimes in transition: (1) learn from each other’s experience of transition; (2) affect the international system; and (3) interact with the external action of the EU.

Please find the call for applications here. Deadline: June 28th, 2013

Kindly address queries or questions to Johan Robberecht.