David Ost

David Ost joined the faculty at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 1986, after earning his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to that he spent several years studying and living in Eastern Europe supported by a variety of nationally competitive fellowships, including Fulbright. During his tenure at the Colleges he has been awarded additional fellowships and has returned to do research in Poland and elsewhere in Eastern Europe on numerous occasions. Most recently he was a Senior Fulbright Professor at Central European University and Warsaw University (1998-‘99) and has also served, on occasion, as a visiting professor at Central European University in Warsaw and in Budapest. In August of 2006, Ost was invited onto the editorial board of the journal "Politics and Society," one of the leading publications in both political science and sociology.

Ost is the author of two books on Polish politics: Solidarity and the Politics of Anti-Politics (1990), and The Defeat of Solidarity: Anger and Politics in Postcommunist Europe (2005); co-author of Workers After Workers’ States (2001); and co-author of the textbook European Politics in Transition (now in its fifth edition). He has more than 40 articles published in journals, has contributed op-eds to the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune, and has been featured on the BBC, PBS, the “McNeil-Lehrer Report” and on numerous major radio stations.

Ost speaks fluent Polish and near-fluent Russian. (2004)










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