Curt Ellis

Curt Ellis is a freelance filmmaker and writer. He co-created and appeared in the Mosaic Films feature documentary King Corn, which was released theatrically by Balcony Releasing in 2007 and was broadcast nationally on PBS in April, 2008. His work with King Corn has been featured in publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Congressional Quarterly, and on NPR, CBS, ABC and CNN. He continues to travel and speak about the connections between farm policy, large-scale corn production, family farm loss, and obesity.

Curt's writing has appeared in Edible Portland, Edible Missoula, Culinate, the Lincoln, NE Journal-Star and on the Slow Food Nation Blog. In 2007, Curt produced the Wicked Delicate Films feature documentary The Greening of Southie, which premiered in the US on the Sundance Channel on Earth Day 2008.

Curt is now focusing his efforts on the production of Big River, a 30-minute documentary that explores the water quality impacts of high-intensity farming in the Upper Midwest. That project, funded in part by The McKnight Foundation, is scheduled for completion in late spring, and will be accompanied by a policy tour and outreach campaign. (2008)










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