Future of Food



From Farm to Fork: The Global Food Chain
International Society for Ecology and Culture
Helena Norberg-Hodge Interviews
Mark Winne
Boston University African Studies Center
James McCann
The Global Food Chain Project
OECD Report (pdf)
Food Safety- From the Farm to the Fork
From Farm to Fork Research
Gary Nabhan

The End of Cheap Food: Food and Geopolitics
Foundation on Future Farming
Save our Seeds
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Global Development and Environment Institute
Benedikt Haerlin Video Interviews
Boston University Center for Energy and Environmental Studies
Culter Cleveland
The Geopolitics of Food, Energy, and China Blog

The Geopolitics of Food Scarcity
Is This the End of Cheap Food?

What’s in What You Eat? Food Safety in a New Ecology
European Food Safety Authority
Friends of the Earth -- Europe
Friends of the Earth -- America
Center for Food Safety
Andrew Kimbrell
Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future
Adil Najam
Food Safety-WHO

The Forecast Blog

US Government Food Safety
Institute for Food Laws and Regulations
Food Regulation
Food Shortage
UN Food Shortage Warning

Eating Green: Food and Climate Change
Center For Climate Systems Research
Daniel Hillel
The Tema Institute
Björn-Ola Linnér
Brighter Green
Mia MacDonald
Cynthia Rosenzweig
Henrik Selin
A Conversation with Miguel Altieri
UN Climate Change, Energy, and Food
Sustainable Food Guide
Food and Climate Change (ppt)
EPA-Agriculture and Food Supply
Climate Change and Food Security (pdf)
Biofuels: A Solution for Climate Change (pdf)

What Is “Good” Food? The Ethics of Eating
Wild Fermentation
Satish Kumar
The Fairtrade Foundation
"Me and My Travels": Harriet Lamb
Molly Anderson
Institute for Food and Development Policy
Terra Madre
The Ethics of Eating
Ethics of Eating, Peter Singer
10 Steps to Becoming a Locavore
Organic Farming Research Foundation
EPA - Organic Farming
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Grow Organic
Slow Food International

Slow Food Nation
Slow Food USA
Slow Food Boston

Friday Event Links
Bryant Terry
King Corn
Grub: An Interview With Bryant Terry
Eat Grub
101 Cookbooks

Civil Eats Blog
Recipes by Bryant Terry
The Food-Justice Activist
Interview with Bryant Terry
Edible San Francisco
Whole Soul
Eco-Chef Reconnects with Local Food (NPR)
Cooking Soul Food, Holding the Grease (NPR)
Creating an Urban Organic Kitchen (YouTube)
Cooking Demo-- The Slurricane (YouTube)
Organic Soul Party (YouTube)
Cooking Demo--Citrus Collards with Raisins (YouTube)

Other Sources / General
A Drop of Life Film
Boston Vegan
Boston Vegetarian Society
CEN Energy Center
Chelsea Green
Cornell University Food and Brand Lab
The Ecologist Magazine
Green Festival
The International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture
International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition
International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements
Nourish: Food + Community
Rural Vermont
Vegetarian Research Group

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