Programs and Services for People with Disabilities

Center for the Study of Communication & the Deaf

This Center at the School of Education is devoted to both applied and theoretical research to benefit the Deaf and their families. Faculty and students focus on three major research themes: the acquisition of signed languages, the impact of language on the education of the Deaf child, and the developmental assessment of bilingual approaches to the education of Deaf children. The Center provides a variety of community services that focus on projects and workshops assisting hearing parents of Deaf children and on workshops and presentations to area agencies. Visit our current website at,

Information: 617-353-3205,

Joining Hands

Volunteers from the University’s Community Service Center assist elders and people with disabilities to experience outdoor activities, facilitate art activities, learn to swim, and enjoy companionship. Volunteers gain an awareness of these important segments of the population and become a positive force in the Boston community. In 2008, 91 volunteers completed 2,958 hours of service. Visit our current website at

Information: 617-353-4710

Pike Prize for Service to People with Disabilities

This prize is awarded by the School of Law either to a person with a disability or to someone who has worked on behalf of promoting greater understanding of disability law, and whose accomplishments have been especially noteworthy.

Information: 617-353-3658

Special Education

Students from the School of Education have been working in local schools and agencies for decades. Each year, more than 40 students work with children, families, and adults who have developmental, physical, or psychological disabilities. Visit our current website at

Information: 617-353-3240