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The College of Communication created this award-winning student-run advertising agency in 1974. Today, AdLab is a full-service agency with capabilities ranging from traditional to interactive to brand planning to guerrilla marketing. Students in AdLab develop and implement advertising campaigns for about 60 clients every year. These clients range from public service and nonprofit organizations to entrepreneurial start-ups and special projects with nationally recognized brands. Clients hire AdLab as they would hire any professional agency, and must have a budget capable of implementing the plan. AdLab charges a very nominal $100 fee. Contact information, examples of past work, and a current client list are available at



Located in Boston’s South End, BioSquare is a 16-acre research and business park under development by Boston University and the Boston Medical Center. Reflecting the University’s entrepreneurial spirit and approach to business as well as its commitment to excellence in teaching and research, BioSquare is directly adjacent to the Boston University Medical Campus and has been designed to provide a dynamic research and business environment that will facilitate collaboration between the outstanding researchers and clinicians of the Boston University Medical Center and industry. These collaborations will help extend the frontiers of biomedical research and spark the development of new technologies and services that will advance the quality of life for others and stimulate the development of new commercial products. BioSquare now consists of three biomedical research buildings and a 1,000-space garage and retail facility. The three existing biomedical research buildings include the 200,000-square-foot Center for Advanced Biomedical Research, the 192,000-square-foot Evans Biomedical Research Building, and a 180,000-square-foot biomedical research building located at 670 Albany Street. In addition, BioSquare has constructed a 1,500-space parking garage and the new National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories. Future plans include the development of two additional research buildings. Visit our current website at

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Boston University Institute for Leading in a Dynamic Economy (BUILDE)

This Institute was created to explore the effects of emerging information and related technologies on competitive markets and organizations. The Institute is founded on the principle that rigor and relevance in business research need not be removed from “real-world” issues. Rather, through effective collaboration with leading private and nonprofit organizations, cross-disciplinary teams of scholars can bring relevant theory and rigorous method to bear on markets and competitive environments; risk management financing and decision-making; innovation engines; and new capabilities and organizational forms. Visit our current website at

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Center for Energy & Environmental Studies

This Center offers publications that deliver information to the community regarding the interrelationships between energy and the environment, emphasizing the significance of scientific research in policy making. The Center’s faculty holds joint appointments with the Department of Geography & Environment and affiliated departments, and engages in environmental research ranging from the analysis of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon to the study of global climate change. The Center has close collaborative ties with the Departments of Biology, Earth Sciences, and International Relations, and with the Center for Remote Sensing, the Center for Transportation Studies, and the Center for Ecology & Conservation Biology. Visit our current website at

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Civil Litigation Program

This School of Law program, which began in 1968, provides free legal services to low-income clients in the Boston area in civil cases, such as domestic relations, housing, and immigration. Second- and third-year law students represent their clients under the supervision of a clinical law teacher in all aspects of the cases. The Civil Litigation Program operates out of the offices of Greater Boston Legal Services. Visit our current website at

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Criminal Law Clinics at Boston University School of Law

For more than 25 years, second- and third-year law students have served the Boston area through participation in the Criminal Law Clinics program. Students in the Defense Program are responsible for the defense in about 200 criminal cases annually in the Boston Municipal Court and the Boston Juvenile Court, representing indigents who would otherwise require a court-appointed attorney. Students in the Prosecution Program represent the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office in cases in the Quincy District Court, prosecuting about 100 cases annually. All cases are closely supervised by faculty members who are practicing attorneys. Visit our current website at

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Executive Development Roundtable (EDRT)

The Executive Development Roundtable in the School of Management is dedicated to executive and leadership development and the principle that continuous individual and organizational improvement is a firm’s most important strategic advantage. The EDRT conducts fundamental research in executive development and works to improve the implementation of management, executive-development policies, and education to meet emerging leadership needs. The EDRT also creates a partnership between the corporate and academic communities that explores best-practice approaches to improving the development of managers throughout their careers, and the EDRT serves as a networking and professional development resource for upper-level professionals. Visit our current website at

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Hothouse Productions

This video production unit in the College of Communication is both a class and a student-run, client-driven production company. Students produce videos for nonprofit organizations and for individuals who are contributing to important charitable or educational projects. One example is the production of a promotional video for the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation. The seven-minute film, “Get In, Get Out, Give Back,” chronicles firefighters’ efforts to help children recovering from severe burns. Visit our current website at

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Human Resources Policy Institute (HRPI)

The Institute strives to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between industry and academia in human resource management. Faculty, graduate students, and fellows at the School of Management partner with top-level human resources executives from member companies to discuss the latest trends and best practices. HRPI supports faculty and graduate student research on future human resources challenges and provides professional development for high-potential human resource managers. HRPI awards research grants and provides funding for the writing of case studies. HRPI’s members, faculty, students, and invited guests meet twice yearly to review current and emerging issues in human resource management. Visit our current website at

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Institute for Global Work

The Institute for Global Work was established at the School of Management to spearhead a systematic understanding of the complex realities of global relations. The Institute’s principles are three-fold: to co-create ideas of global business processes through partnerships between academia, industry, and governmental agencies; to shape leading-edge practice through systematic research and thought-leadership; and to link research findings to education using multiple modes at different levels. Member firms meet twice yearly and have access to executive education offerings. Visit our current website at

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Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (ITEC)

The Institute offers a new model for entrepreneurial research, education, and commercialization. ITEC is dedicated to the new entrepreneur who is focused on technologies, products, and services that meet pressing global needs in health care, life sciences, alternative energy, and many other sectors. Structured like no other entrepreneurship program, ITEC offers cross-channel resources from the School of Management with the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Law, and the College of Engineering, including biomedical engineering, photonics, and physics. ITEC provides entrepreneurial assistance by developing and applying new business models, customized education, and training programs through the School of Management, and student internships with local, national, and international for-profit and nonprofit corporations. Visit our current website at

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Technology Development

The mission of OTD is to promote the commercialization of technologies arising from Boston University faculty research, foster an entrepreneurial environment for BU faculty and students, create strong interactions between the BU research community and the greater Boston corporate and financial communities, and support the academic mission of BU by involving students in the commercialization process. OTD’s activities are executed by four core groups working together to provide a comprehensive approach to commercialization activities. Whether OTD begins with novel concepts, mature academic technologies, or emerging companies, OTD’s support services and industry experts provide the opportunity to achieve success at every stage along the path to commercial success. The four core groups are Technology Transfer, New Ventures, Business Incubation, and Translational Research. Visit our current website at

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Photonics Center

Over the past decade, the Boston University Photonics Center (BUPC) has become a world-renowned pioneer in the field of photonics—the science and engineering of light. The Center has created a unique national resource for development of advanced photonic device prototypes for commercial and military applications. The Center’s 235,000-square-foot multidisciplinary facility opened in June 1997 and includes 23 research laboratories. From its inception, the BUPC has attracted scholarly innovators to lead its academic and educational programs. Events such as the Future of Light Symposium, the Distinguished Lecture Series and the monthly Photonics Forums, are examples of the Center’s commitment to Photonics education.

Ground-breaking research conducted at the Center includes work on science and technology for solid-state source and detector materials, quantum cryptography, subsurface imaging, adaptive optics, micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS), high-speed modulation and sensing, biophotonics, nanophotonic devices, and biomedical applications of photonics. In 2007–2008, the Photonics Center and its 35 affiliated faculty members received $18.5 million in research and technology development funding.

In addition to its laboratory and classroom space, the BUPC houses a full-service business incubator. The incubator is capable of supporting up to 14 start-up companies. In 2007-2008, three companies graduated from the incubator, including Biomimetic Systems, Inc., a BU spinout company. The incubator also welcomed five new companies including two BU spinouts. The companies in the incubator have contributed to the BUPC student population and to the local economy by creating jobs and new educational opportunities. Visit our current website at

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This student public relations agency in the College of Communication has offered free public relations assistance to nonprofit organizations for more than two decades. In some cases, particularly with “for profit” clients, PRLab may charge a small annual fee for their services to help offset expenses of PRLab. An average of 30 students each semester spend 7 to 14 hours a week working onsite, devising publicity campaigns, developing public relations programs, arranging fundraising events, creating websites, and establishing media contacts. Last semester, PRLab students provided 5,000 hours of free services to greater Boston organizations. Visit our current website at

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Student Internships from the School of Social Work

Every year, approximately 300 student interns work two or three days a week in nonprofit and social service settings representing health, mental health, child welfare, aging, substance abuse, and community service agencies throughout New England. Interns offer direct clinical services and work in community organizations, systems management, and program planning. Student interns have been serving the community since the 1920s.

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