Employment Impact

In FY-2008, nearly 44,000 jobs in the Commonwealth were attributable to Boston University. The University and its subsidiary corporations directly employed 25,828 individuals who lived in the Commonwealth, and an additional 17,981 jobs were required to support the more than $3.8 billion of direct and indirect spending attributable to Boston University. The additional or indirect jobs were computed using employment multipliers provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce (see Research Methodology). Boston University’s employment impact is summarized in Table 8 and additional employment details are provided in Additional Information.

Table 8: Boston University
FY-2008 Employment Impact
City of Boston Boston Metropolitan Area Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Direct Jobs 12,954 * 25,097 ** 25,828 **
Indirect Jobs 1,624 14,626 17,981
TOTAL JOBS 14,578 * 39,723 ** 43,809 **
* Includes 8,644 student jobs.
** Includes 10,987 student jobs.

As shown above, Boston University’s employment impact on the City of Boston totals 14,578 jobs consisting of 12,954 direct jobs and 1,624 indirect jobs. In the Boston Metropolitan Area, the University’s employment impact totals 39,723 jobs consisting of 25,097 direct jobs and 14,626 indirect jobs.

According to a report by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston University is the fourth-largest private employer in Boston. The University is also among the 25 largest employers in the state according to the Massachusetts Division of Employment and Training. Boston University is recognized as a significant creator of employment opportunities in the Commonwealth.