What Direct Payments and Services Are Provided to Local Communities?

Boston University makes significant contributions to local communities through a combination of direct payments and services. The direct payments include payments in lieu of taxes; real estate property taxes; linkage payments; and payments for permits and license renewals. Boston University also performs many municipal services that otherwise would have to be funded by the community. Specific examples for FY‐2008 are outlined below.

  • Boston University paid nearly $3.3 million in real estate property taxes and linkage payments to the City of Boston. Since FY‐1981, the University has paid more than $54.2 million in real estate property taxes and linkage payments to the City of Boston.
  • In addition to the above payments to the City of Boston, Boston University paid to the Town of Brookline nearly $1.9 million in real estate property taxes, and $250,935 for permits, licenses, and other town fees in FY‐2008. The University also pays real estate property taxes and fees to other cities and towns in the Commonwealth where it owns property.
  • Boston University paid nearly $4.7 million to the City of Boston for voluntary payments in lieu of taxes. Since FY‐1981, these payments total nearly $43.0 million.
  • Boston University’s subsidiary corporations paid more than $930,000 in taxes to the City of Boston. Since FY‐1981, these payments total nearly $12 million.
  • Boston University employs its own police department and residential security staff, consisting of 53 police officers and 96 security guards, who provide protection to the University community, including neighboring property, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The police force is a deterrent to crime in the neighborhoods close to the Charles River Campus, and its members patrol the Medical Campus in the South End, helping to reduce crime in that area. University Police also provide backup assistance to the Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Massachusetts State Police when needed.
  • As part of the Ride‐Along Program, the University’s Director of Community Relations accompanies Boston and Brookline police patrols that respond to off‐campus party and noise complaints. The director notifies the Dean of Judicial Affairs regarding issues involving off-campus student violations of the student code.
  • As part of their campus patrol, Boston University police officers issue parking tickets on behalf of the City of Boston. More than 1,400 such tickets with an aggregate value of $18,225 were issued in FY‐2008.
  • Boston University provides daily maintenance of sidewalks, MBTA tracks, and streets around the campus. The University removes snow and trash. It also plants and repairs trees and does pest control. In FY‐2008, the cost of these activities totaled nearly $1.2 million.
  • In FY‐2008, Boston University contributed more than $2.4 million to the Commonwealth Avenue improvement and beautification project in collaboration with city, state, and federal agencies.
  • Boston University manages its own rubbish removal program. In FY‐2008, the University paid private contractors $110,000 for rubbish removal services on the Charles River Campus.
  • Boston University pays City of Boston police details for work at construction projects and high-attendance events. In FY‐2008, these payments totaled more than $93,000.