What Do Our Students and Their Out‐of‐State Visitors Spend?

The economic impact of the spending by Boston University students and their out‐of‐state visitors totals more than $892.4 million. This consists of $432.4 million in the City of Boston and $829.6 million in the Boston Metropolitan Area. The details are presented in Table 7, and they are discussed below.

Boston University students spend an estimated $342.0 million in the Commonwealth, above and beyond their tuition, room, and board payments to the University. This consists of nearly $287.7 million for basic or essential living expenses (such as books, transportation, other incidentals, and off‐campus housing) and another $54.3 million on non‐essential expenses (including entertainment, health clubs, private music and dance lessons, cable television, etc.).

In addition to student spending, Table 7 shows that spending by the out‐of‐state visitors to Boston University students totals nearly $41.9 million in the Boston Metropolitan Area. Of that amount, $29.5 million is spent in the City of Boston. As a point of reference, more than 79 percent of the University’s fall 2007 entering freshmen were from out‐of‐state, and nearly 66 percent of the total student body were from out‐of‐state.

Table 7: Boston University
FY‐2008 Spending By Students and Their Out‐of‐State Visitors
City of Boston Boston Metropolitan Area Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Spending on Essentials/Basics
Academic Year $175,626,152 $274,691,564 $280,169,327
Summer Term $5,475,493 $7,409,961 $7,523,691
$181,101,645 $282,101,525 $287,693,018
Spending on Non-essentials
Academic Year $35,057,550 $50,156,700 $50,156,700
Summer Term $3,192,722 $4,154,347 $4,154,347
$38,250,272 $54,311,047 $54,311,047
Total Student Spending $219,351,917 $336,412,572 $342,004,065
Number of Students 21,270 30,545 31,086
TOTAL STUDENT AND VISITOR SPENDING $248,876,822 $378,294,592 $383,886,085
ECONOMIC IMPACT $432,398,589 $829,562,211 $892,458,370
* Student Spending excludes tuition, fees, and other expenses paid directly to Boston University.