Boston University Students

With 32,735 students enrolled in the fall of 2007, Boston University was the fourth‐largest independent institution of higher education in the United States and the largest in Massachusetts. Eighty percent of the students enrolled full‐time, and 40 percent were in graduate or professional programs. Table 3 shows that 31,086 students resided in Massachusetts during the academic year. The remaining students either commuted from nearby states or were enrolled in University programs located overseas or out‐of‐state. In FY‐2008, a total of 11,211 students lived in University residences. Boston University houses 72.5 percent of its full‐time undergraduate students.

Table 3: Boston University
FY‐2008 Student Residences
Student Residences City of Boston Boston Metropolitan Area Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Dormitory Residents 8,328 8,778 8,778
University Apartment Residents 2,328 2,433 2,433
Off‐Campus Undergraduates 3,126 5,336 5,472
Off‐Campus Graduate & Non‐Degree Students 7,465 13,851 14,253
BU Academy Students (Off‐Campus) 23 147 150
Total Students 21,270 30,545 31,086
Official enrollment for FY‐2008 was 32,765. This includes 1,723 students enrolled in Study Abroad Programs or with out‐of‐state addresses. This number excludes 74 BU Academy students not enrolled in college‐level Boston University courses.

The student body is rich in diversity and academic ability. Since 1971, eight outstanding students have been chosen as Rhodes Scholars and five students have been named Marshall Scholars. Four students received Fulbright grants in FY‐2008. The freshman class that entered in the fall of 2007 had SAT scores that were 253 points above the national average, and more than 79 percent of the entering class came from outside of the state. Overall, nearly 66 percent of Boston University’s enrolled students are from out‐of‐state. Also, with 4,789 students from 133 foreign countries, Boston University ranks 10th in the nation in the number of international students enrolled, a testimony to its international reputation.