Boston University Employees

The employees of Boston University include the faculty and staff on the Charles River Campus, the Medical Campus, and Boston University Academy, as well as those based at other sites including Tanglewood, Woods Hole, and numerous area hospitals. In accordance with accepted reporting practices, we also include the employees of Boston University’s subsidiary corporations, 660 Corporation, Hotel Commonwealth, and the employees hired by four management firms that provide the University’s food services (ARAMARK and SportServices) and parking services (Curbside Parking and Standard Parking). The 660 Corporation, a for‐profit entity that is subject to appropriate federal, state, and local taxes, operates the University’s convenience stores. University Inn and Lure Restaurant Group are for‐profit entities that are also subject to appropriate federal, state, and local taxes, and operate the Hotel Commonwealth and its restaurants. See Boston University Employees Living in Massachusetts in Additional Information for details on University employees in Massachusetts.

As shown in Table 2, Boston University employed 14,841 Massachusetts residents in FY‐2008. This figure excludes the University’s 10,987 student employees, and includes all full‐time, part‐time, and casual employees.

The faculty and staff of Boston University provide strength, vitality, and continuity to the institution and are well‐educated constituents of local communities. More than 83 percent of the full-time faculty on the Charles River Campus, 94 percent of the full‐time faculty at the School of Public Health, 95 percent of the full‐time faculty at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, and 95 percent of the full‐time faculty at the School of Medicine have doctorates. In FY‐2008, three faculty members received a Fulbright Fellowship. In addition, three Nobel Laureates and the former three‐time Poet Laureate of the United States were on the faculty in FY‐2008. Boston University’s full‐time faculty average 11 years of service at the University, and the full‐time staff average nine years of service. Additionally, Boston University was ranked among the top 10 institutions in eight disciplines according to the 2007 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, by Academic Analytics, which ranks research universities by publications, grants, and awards.