Boston University Alumni

More than 94,000 alumni of Boston University reside in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Their contributions to the economy of the Commonwealth cannot be quantified because their income levels are not known. It is clear, however, that a degree from Boston University is valuable to both the degree recipient and to the community where he/she lives and works. Boston University alumni have earnings and earning potential that generate substantial economic activity in communities across the Commonwealth.

It is also worth noting that a significant percentage of the University’s out‐of‐state students subsequently become residents of the state upon graduation. A recent study showed that 16.3 percent of the out‐of‐state freshmen who came to Boston University from fall 1999 to fall 2003 still reside in the Commonwealth and 8.1 percent still live in the City of Boston. Boston University alumni are a well‐educated and highly skilled component of the labor force in the Commonwealth.

The employees of Boston University, its students, and its alumni consistently demonstrate their willingness to contribute their talents and energies to the community. In 1986, Boston University established the Boston University Community Service Center to provide faculty, staff, students, and alumni with volunteer opportunities in the community. The volunteer opportunities include programs in youth tutoring, youth recreation, collecting food for shelters, delivering meals to homebound people with AIDS, and recycling. In FY‐2008, an estimated 2,000 volunteers spent more than 70,000 hours in volunteer community service programs offered through the Community Service Center. Volunteer work extends beyond the Boston community with nearly 60 Boston University alumni serving around the world for the Peace Corps. A recent report by the Peace Corps ranked Boston University 11th in the country for producing Peace Corps volunteers among large colleges and universities, and third for graduate students. Other examples of community involvement are reported in Social Programs and Services.