The Boston University Community In Massachusetts

The Boston University community in Massachusetts comprises more than 140,000 people. That number would increase several-fold if we included the spouses and dependents of our employees, the parents and siblings of our students, and the families of our alumni. The Boston University community is presented in Table 2.

Table 2: Boston University
The FY-2008 Boston University Community in Massachusetts*
City of Boston Boston Metropolitan Area Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Employees ** 4,310 14,110 14,841
Students *** 21,270 30,545 31,086
Alumni 13,596 79,943 94,201
39,176 124,598 140,128
* Based on home addresses of employees and alumni, and local addresses of students.
** Employee counts exclude 10,987 student employees in FY-2008.
*** Official enrollment for FY-2008 was 32,735. This includes 1,723 students enrolled in Study Abroad Programs or with out-of-state addresses. This number excludes 74 BU Academy students not enrolled in college-level Boston University courses.