• To provide the Boston University community the opportunity to learn about and discuss existing activities at BU related to the Earth’s integrated physical, natural, and societal systems.
  • To develop a vision for research, teaching, and facilities related to “Earth Systems” at Boston University.
  • First, the forum will convene a meeting on February 4 to assemble interested individuals, units, and research groups to educate the BU community about the nature, range, and diversity of Earth system-related research and curricula at BU. The goal of this meeting is to initiate the process of identifying core strengths, synergies, and opportunities moving forward.
  • Second, the forum will coordinate a series of follow-on break-out meetings among interested faculty focused on thematic clusters where faculty and students perceive opportunities for ongoing and future development.
  • A whitepaper providing a vision and planning statement for research, facilities and curricula at BU that identifies and builds on BU’s core strengths and potential in the area the Earth Systems. A draft of this whitepaper is now available.

Click here to download the draft.

  • Please send comments to friedl@bu.edu