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What to Expect

“Come prepared having gone to class and knowing what the material is. It is better to come and get a better understanding of concepts than to learn at a tutoring session. Each session has only a certain amount of time and it is a better use of your personal time to gain a better understanding of what you came to get help for.”—ERC Tutor

Peer Tutoring is a casual, judgment-free space where you can feel comfortable asking any and all questions you have about the class. Your tutor will challenge you (and the group) to work through your questions and will help guide you through confusing topics/materials from class. Tutors not only help to answer your questions about confusing aspects of the course, but they also listen to your concerns and help you develop stronger methods of approaching course material.

You’ll be asked to participate in your appointments, so be sure to come prepared with questions and a willingness to contribute. Arrive on time with course materials and questions that have come up either while attempting homework or a concept that was confusing during a lecture. For weekly appointments, if there was a concept you were reviewing last time that is still slightly a mystery, remind your tutor to pick up where you left off.

Single appointments are best for one-time questions and book up quickly during exam times—so remember to plan ahead!

Is there anything I should NOT expect?

Your tutor is a student just like you, so you shouldn’t expect them to be an expert in the field. They don’t always have all the answers, and that’s ok. If you are looking for answers from an expert in the field, you may be better suited asking your professor or TF. You can also check out our listing of Additional Academic Resources to learn about additional levels of support available to you.

  • Tutors won’t have a lesson plan prepared ahead of time.
  • Your tutor won’t do your homework for you.
  • Tutors won’t have access to your course’s Blackboard site, textbook, and syllabus. But you should feel free to bring these materials with you!
  • Your tutor won’t recap the lectures you may have missed—peer tutoring does not replace going to class!

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