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Peer Tutoring Special Request

When searching for a Peer Tutoring appointment on the TutorTrac system, you will find many options to fit your needs and your schedule. However, you may haveĀ  encountered some difficulty finding a tutoring appointment that fits your schedule, or perhaps you need a tutor for a class that is not currently offered or available at the ERC. In these cases, please feel free to fill out the following form.

It is important to remember that the ERC does not guarantee the availability of tutors for any particular course. From semester to semester, the ERC generally offers tutoring in approximately 150 of the more than 7,000 courses offered at the University. The majority of courses offered are at the 100 and 200 level but can, in certain cases, include 300-level courses.

This form should only be used if you have already read the instructions on how to sign up for a Peer Tutoring appointment and have reviewed the Peer Tutoring FAQs page.

If you’re looking for a Weekly appointment, and haven’t used peer tutoring before, we recommend that you try a Single appointment first. If you find that you’d like to commit to a Weekly appointment, you may return and complete this form at any time.

Peer Tutoring Special Request Form

Please fill out and submit this form if you have already attempted to sign up for a peer tutoring appointment using the TutorTrac system and cannot do so. ERC staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Please include school, course, and section. (ex. CASMA123)
  • Please be as specific as possible and give as much availability as you can. This will potentially increase the chance that we will be able to find a tutor that has similar availability.

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