ePortfolio as an Assessment Tool

Assessing an individual requires first understanding the definition of “assessment,” which is distinct from “evaluation.” The word “ assess” derives from the Latin assidere, which means “to sit down to,” or “beside” the learner. We believe that this position—next to, not in front of—is key to understanding that individual’s abilities. This makes assessing a learning experience for the teacher who gathers information from learners to see their products and listens to what they say about their learning process. Simply put, assessment is an interactive process of sitting beside the learner to gather authentic and meaningful information for improving student learning, instructional practice, and educational options.

“Evaluation,” on the other hand, is to determine “value” or worth according to certain criteria. Thus, where evaluation is based on interpreting students’ products in relation to a group—assessment is based on gathering information on the teaching and learning process, learning products, and the interaction between teacher and learner.

Read on to learn how to use ePortfolio as an assessment tool for individuals, classes, programs and the university.