Why Use ePortfolio

  • ePortfolios can provide a means for assessment based on evidence of an individual’s growth over time and effort- not a list of test scores
  • Evaluating the learner’s work using a variety of artifacts – graphics, pictures, multimedia, stories, journals, or projects – provides a view into the individual’s mind and capabilities as well as the teaching and learning environment
  • The collection of work provides a powerful and comprehensive digital resumé of the multiple intelligences of an individual, as a linguist, an artist, a scientist, a mathematician, an athlete, a reflective learner, a self learner, or a cooperative learner.
  • A longitudinal view of a learner’s work paints a picture of growth, progress, and continuity over time that the learner can collect, select, and reflect upon to present  a profile of accomplishment based on evidence.

Making Learning Visible

ePortfolios are a creative, powerful, and flexible tool that can be used to:

  • Collect, select, and reflect on the process and products of learning
  • Chronicle, display, and visibly present the diversity of the BU experience using multimedia
  • Create digital evidence of the multiple intelligences of an individual’s growth over time
  • Develop a personalized profile of achievement, whether as an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate student, or a trained professional.

ePortfolios have been promoted as a twenty-first century learning tool by the AACU (Association of American Colleges and Universities), and their use is supported by base research globally in educational settings – both  secondary and higher ed.