Create an ePortfolio

Here’s how to create a basic, blank ePortfolio:

1. Make sure you’re signed in.

Go to the main page (open it in another window or tab from this one, so you can still read these instructions!) Take a look at the upper right corner of the page, above the BU logo. If it says “Welcome” with your name, you’re already signed in and you can skip ahead. If it says Login, click on the word Login, and enter your normal BU login name and Kerberos password. Click to indicate you accept the terms and conditions, and you’ll be taken to your new Digication home page.

word "Login"If you see this, click the Login button and follow the instructions.






logged inYou’re signed in! Let’s continue.





2. Click Create.

Once you’re signed in to Digication, the first thing you’ll see will be your Digication home page. If this is your first time using Digication, it’ll be a blank shell. Time to create your first portfolio. Look for My e-Portfolios – at the top of the page near the BU logo – and click the Create button.

Button labelled "Create"

3. Set some basic settings.

The first thing you’ll see when you create your portfolio is the Settings page. Give your portfolio a title, something that’s not already in the BU system. Don’t worry about the Web address, template or theme for the moment (you can change these things later).

Scroll down to Permissions. Your portfolio is going to be blank when you start, so it’s not going to be the face you want to present to the world; set Permissions to Private to me. (You’ll probably change this later.) To make things simple, click Do not allow tags. Now click the Create New e-Portfolio button at the bottom of the screen.

(You might have got an error if your portfolio had the same web address as another portfolio that’s already in the system. If so, it’ll be highlighted in red; change it slightly – perhaps add a letter or two – until you see the message “Url is available.” Then click Create New e-Portfolio again and you should be all set.)

That’s it, you’ve created an ePortfolio! You’ll now be on the welcome page for your newly created portfolio. So far it’s blank, so let’s move on to adding content.