Below are articles on the subject of ePortfolio.  If there is an article you read and liked and don’t see here, please contact us with the article information, and we would be happy to post it here for others to enjoy.

Digitized Student Portfolios by Kathleen Blake Yancey

Electronic Portfolios and Student Success:  Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Learning by Helen L. Chen and Tracy Penny Light

Multiple Intelligences and Portfolios: A Window into the Learners Mind by Evangeline Harris Stefanakis

Know your ePortfolio: “A new wave of ePortfolio interest has educators wondering: What can they do for my school?” (from Converge: Strategy and Leadership for Technology in Education, Summer 2008, pp. 32ff.)

Next Generation ePortfolio, by Trent Batson (MIT) and Helen Chen (Stanford): “The evolution of the next generation eportfolio emphasizes a return to basics, reclaiming the portfolio approach as a teaching and learning philosophy while building new eportfolio field experiences in Web 2.0.”

The Digital Convergence: Extending the Portfolio Model,” Educause Review 39/4 (2004), 28-37.

Eportfolios Meet Social Software,” Campus Technology

University ePortfolio sites

Virginia Tech’s ePortfolio site, containing useful galleries, resources, and  examples for learning, assessment, professional development, and co-curricular activity.

Penn State’s ePortfolio gallery, focusing on how to document the reflective process and the reasons for using ePortfolios.

Clemson University’s ePortfolio site, including comprehensive FAQ’s and a well organized gallery of work.