The eSPRIT program (Entrepreneurial Students Participating in Research and Innovative Technologies) provides students the opportunity to work as teams on real business decisions facing start-up companies and BU professors looking to commercialize their research.

As part of entrepreneurship courses, students can work with their professor and a team of fellow students to analyze market opportunities for emerging products. Student teams in SI855 Entrepreneurship have worked with with renowned BU faculty such as Mark Grinstaff of the Biomedical School in launching his latest start-up.

Through the eSPRIT program, students may continue to work with the same company throughout the year, looking at a different angle of the business each time. In the end, the students gain extensive experience in a particular field, and perhaps make a positive impression, leading to a job offer after graduation.

In the spirit of eSPRIT, Anirban Chatterjee GSM’08 and Paul Mier continued working on the BU technology after their course finished. The duo entered the New Venture Competition and won 3rd place with their plan for AutoNAIS.

Past eSPRIT Studies Include:

  • Acoustic Mobility Aid, David Mountain and Ed Feinberg
  • Closed Loop Control for Blood Glucose, Ed Damiano and Stephen Russell
  • High Resolution Endo Microscope, Jerome Mertz
  • Novel Polymers, Mark Grinstaff and Brian Snyder
  • Optically Guided Biopsy, Irving Bigio & Satish Singh
  • Osteoarthritis Knee Brace, David Hunter and Dmitry Stamenovic
  • POC Molecular Diagnostic, Catherine Klapperich and Satish Singh