BU Entrepreneurs

The BU Entrepreneurs is a student-run club, part of the Boston University MBA community.  Our goal is to support and empower student Entrepreneurs by connecting them to the people and resources they need to accomplish their goals.

BU Entrepreneurs does this by providing and facilitating Guest Speakers, Interactive Panels, Networking Events, and much more. For more information contact the Graduate Entrepreneurship Club President Kobi Magnezi.

BU Energy Club

The BU Energy Club is a broad-based group consisting of Graduates, Undergrads, Alumni and Professors that serves as a link between scientists & engineers, entrepreneurs & business-persons, and aspiring policy-makers & government officials at Boston University and other schools in the Greater Boston Area. For more information contact the BU Energy Club President Ryan Eriksen.

Net Impact

Net Impact is part of an international network of MBA students and business professionals who seek to use business to improve the world through responsible management and sustainable practices. The BU chapter includes members from all business disciplines who are pursuing interests in the fields of corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, marketing, socially responsible investing, microfinance, nonprofit management, international development, government, and environmental sustainability. For more information contact the Net Impact Club President Arzu Ceviz.

IPconnectEd Student Group

IPconnectEd is a student group that is closely affiliated with our office. Jonathan Jensen founded the group in 2007 as a part-time MBA student and Ashley Stevens acts as the group’s Faculty Advisor.

IPconnectEd is composed of business, science, engineering and law students who are interested in learning more about intellectual property (IP) and exploring careers related to IP management. Such careers include business development, technology transfer, venture capital, and IP Law. The group’s mission is to facilitate networking opportunities for those interested in an IP related career, and to create IP awareness through education.

Please visit for more information and click on “Subscribe to IPConnectEd by Email” to be adding to the mailing list.