Stabiliz Orthopaedics – Michael Adelizzi, ENG ’02

stabiliz orthopaedicsTo be eligible for the 2012 $50K New Venture Business Plan Competition, entrants must be either a current BU student or have graduated from a BU school within the past 10 years.  For Michael Adelizzi (ENG ’02), this was his last opportunity.

“I was too late to enter into the competition last year,” he recalls.  “And now, to be among the four finalists in my final year of eligibility, ten years after I graduated, is incredible. I’m thrilled that we have made it this far.”

Michael is one of the co-founders of Stabiliz Orthopaedics—a company that focuses on developing orthopaedic medical devices for the treatment of traumatic bone fractures.  The company’s primary product is a hybrid metallic-resorbable plate and screw system.  The product not only allows surgeons to customize the healing process, it also eliminates the need for future surgeries and reduces overall healthcare costs.

The concept for Stabilize first originated in late 2008 when Michael was earning his MBA from Drexel University.  It is here where he teamed up with co-founders Douglas Cerynik, MD, Susan Harding, MD, and Bradley Grossman.

“I was just sitting in class talking to a classmate who had been in touch with a third person about a new and novel approach to orthpaedic care and he was looking to build a team,” Michael recalls.  “We decided to enter a business plan competition, which we ended up winning, and our team has been together ever since.”

The Drexel University competition provided the team with incubation space to develop the product and, more importantly, access to industry professionals.  Since 2009, the team has been hard at work on Stabiliz, but as of right now, this work has primarily been done outside of their respective day-to-day jobs.  The $50K New Venture Competition with ITEC may possibly change that.

“The prize money certainly would be a great thing to help our company move forward, but really the biggest thing we are looking at is exposure,” says Michael.  “Boston has a tremendous wealth of biotech and life sciences companies.  Access to this market is incredibly important if we want to see Stabiliz brought to the next level.”

With an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, Michael is no stranger to medical start-ups at the time.  Prior to business school, he worked at an Israeli device company focusing on stroke rehabilitation.  “We were doing a lot of stuff from scratch and the experience really taught me what it takes to develop a product from idea to market.”

Michael has brought this experience with him to Stabiliz, and the company is well positioned for the future.  Critical to the success of Stabiliz is the patented technology that the team hopes to market worldwide.  They have submitted patents both domestically and internationally, which are both assigned to the company—a factor that is undoubtedly attractive to possible investors.

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