Global Accelerator for Technology Entrepreneurship

Most revolutions begin with students. Here, we more than encourage students; we empower them to revolutionize products and services for the common good.

Entrepreneurship@BU partners with GATE (Global Accelerator for Technology Entrepreneurship), a student-initiated program at BU seeking to develop innovative new methods for technology transfer and entrepreneurship that translate into breakthrough products and services for underserved/emerging markets.

GATE’s approach is mainly focused at the bottom-of-the-pyramid markets, but will pursue opportunities in any locale where ideas that leapfrog existing solutions that provide world-class quality, new price performance levels, scalability, and universal accesses can bypass traditional approaches. Entrepreneurship@BU serves as a catalyst for the GATE program, effectively creating an ecosystem for breakthrough global innovation, BU innovators and entrepreneurs with universities, governments, NGOs, as well as industry and capital partners.