Okay, let’s show the world.

Boston University’s Office of Technology Development operates some of the finest business incubation facilities in the United States.

Located on the Charles River Campus, Boston University’s Business Incubator hosts up to fifteen technology start-up companies. The mix of companies includes Life Sciences, Bio-tech, Medical Devices, Photonics, Clean Energy and Engineering. Companies originate from within BU or from outside of BU. All companies are engaged in commercializing new technologies of importance to society and all contribute to BU’s mission to educate students in entrepreneurial management.

Financing for incubator companies is from leading venture capital firms, accredited angel investors, corporate and government sources. Companies in the incubator which originate externally to BU are held to the highest professional standards in the industry of new technology ventures. They represent the benchmark by which new companies may be compared and act as exemplary living case studies for the teaching of entrepreneurship to our students. All are professionally managed by experienced and credentialed CEO’s and founders. All are professionally funded by reputable institutional investors. All have undergone external professional due diligence by their investors. All are commercializing revolutionary technologies developed at many of the region’s leading research institutions, including BU.

The Business Incubation Program is designed to:

  • Facilitate the successful commercialization of revolutionary new technologies through the creation and support of new companies.
  • Contribute to student education in Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization.
  • Foster an entrepreneurial environment among faculty and students of the university.
  • Create strong interactions between Boston University and the greater Boston business and financial communities.
  • Contribute to economic development of the region by launching new businesses and job creation.

The program offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage the business and technical resources of a major research university to accelerate product development, reduce risk and add value to their companies.

Thomas Dudley, Assistant Director, Technical Programs, Photonics Center
Tel: (617) 358-4924

Jack Cohan, Manager, BioSquare Discovery and Innovation Center
650 Albany St, Boston, MA  02118

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Find more information about the BU Incubator Programs, please contact Boston University Photonics Center or Office of Technology Development.