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May 6th, 2013

Background: Universities’ roles in fostering entrepreneurship
Universities have long been the propellers for innovation but have not always offered the concrete and robust entrepreneurial programs that now exist today. For students looking to start a business after college, finding a college with a solid entrepreneurship program can help accelerate them towards their goals.

Participating in these programs gives students access to the hands-on learning, mentorship, networking, and even seed funding that translates innovative ideas into realities.  Whether students aim to be traditional small-business owners, or seek to transform entire industries and spur social change, universities provide them with the first opportunity and resources to explore futures in entrepreneurship.

NerdScholar’s series of featured entrepreneurial programs
In celebration of National Small Business Month this May, NerdScholar launched a series highlighting our favorite college entrepreneurial programs. We’ll be featuring university programs each week during May that have entrepreneurial focused degree programs, university-sponsored hackathons, strong alumni support, university venture funds, and other entrepreneurship focuses. This week we highlight college entrepreneurship programs that have great incubator programs.

Our favorite university incubator programs with an engineering focus:

DUHatch Incubator at Duke University
Duke’s student business incubator seeks to educate young entrepreneurs how to turn their ideas into actionable business ventures. They are not your traditional commercial business incubator and tech accelerator as they place a high importance on multidisciplinary efforts to solve needs in medicine, law, tech, and business. They have space for 1-4 years. Professor Larry Boyd, a leader in orthopedic medical device innovation, is focused on helping students on the path to commercialization. They offer entrepreneurship resources for students looking to get into engineering fields from energy, tech, to biomedicine.

Boston University’s Office of Technology Development
In collaboration with the College of Business, the College of Engineering, and the Lavin Center for Entrepreneurship, BU’s incubator seeks to turn student ideas into companies. They currently host 15 tech start-ups spanning the fields of bio-tech, medicine, clean energy, engineering, and even publishing. Not only do they provide mentorship and professor support along students’ ideation and execution process, but they have the opportunity to get financing from angel investors, corporate, and government sources. For example, students have the fortune of getting guidance from Professor Peter R. Russo whom runs BU’s entrepreneurship curriculum and has previously served as the CEO of Honeywell Instruments. He is involved with student initiatives that undergo a diligent peer review process, thereby helping the students make connections to the wider financial and business communities in Boston.

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