Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program

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March 6th, 2012

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Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program


The Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Opportunity is a workforce development initiative offered through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and New England Clean Energy Council (NECEC) focused on enhancing the talent pipeline for Massachusetts companies engaged in the clean energy industry. Hosted at, the program facilitates the placement of students and recent graduates who are considering career opportunities in clean energy through paid summer internships across Massachusetts.

Through the program, MassCEC will reimburse eligible companies for intern stipends of up to $12 per hour, or $4,800 for up to ten weeks.

Last year, the Internship Program received over 800 student applications, resulting in the placement of more than 117 students and recent graduates in summer internships at 70 clean energy companies across the state. As a result of the internship program, 20 students gained full time and part time employment, and more than 70 students are being considered for future employment.

Eligible Companies

To participate in the internship program, companies must be located in Massachusetts, and
engaged in the clean energy industry. For the purposes of this internship clean energy companies will be defined as: ”…advanced and applied technologies that significantly reduce or eliminate the use of energy from non-renewable sources, including, but not limited to: energy efficiency; demand response; energy conservation and those technologies powered in whole or in part by the sun, wind, water, biomass, alcohol, wood, fuel cells any renewable, non-depletable or recyclable fuel…”

See the Host Company FAQ here.

Student Eligibility

Students or recent graduates must attend or have attended a Massachusetts college or university, or be a Massachusetts resident. If you know of any eligible students or recent students please invite them to submit their resumes for the program.

More Information

Interested in hosting an intern? Click here to learn more or download the company application form. Questions? Contact Abbey Strauss,

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