Wind Ensemble Program

The Wind Ensemble is the premier wind band in the School of Music, and is almost exclusively made up of Music Majors. Under the baton of Professor David Martins, the Wind Ensemble is designed to prepare wind, brass, and percussion players for the professional world of ensemble performance. It also provides future teachers with institute standard teaching concepts related to the study of band repertoire and performance. The director demonstrates standard rehearsal techniques, and requires the students to reach an outstanding level of performance.

Wind Ensemble students are challenged musically and introduced to standard repertoire and new music written for symphonic bands. The focus of the Wind Ensemble is the performance of university level repertoire possessing the highest levels of artist merit.

Membership in the Wind Ensemble is determined by auditions held in conjunction with the School of Music. Extremely talented non-music majors who have already spent at least one year at BU can audition for this group. If interested contact the office.