Orchestral Program

The Boston University School of Music Orchestral Program, which includes the Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra, plays a central role in the education of the School’s instrumentalists who aspire to professions as chamber musicians, orchestral musicians, teachers, or a combination of all three. The repertoire of the ensembles reaches wide and deep, embracing vital standard repertoire, compelling if less familiar older works, and music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The ensembles are supervised by Professor David Hoose, who conducts the Symphony Orchestra. Alix Saba and Casey Soward, as well as graduate student personnel managers, administering the organizations. Tiffany Chang leads the Chamber Orchestra in the first semester of 2014-15, and Professor William Lumpkin, Director of the BU Opera Institute, works with the ensemble in two main stage opera productions during the second semester. They, with faculty coaches and guest conductors, lead the orchestras in more than sixteen concerts each season. Each season, the Symphony Orchestra gives two performances in Boston’s Symphony Hall, during which the Symphonic Chorus also appears. The orchestra also presents a program featuring student soloists and a student composition. As well, readings and recordings of student compositions take place twice each year.

The challenging repertoire and rigorous schedule of the orchestras are designed primarily to serve the professional education and training of the School of Music’s student. However, dedicated avocational musicians from the Boston University student body have also participated as members of the ensembles when there is available space in the ensembles and when the student’s musical qualifications are at a sufficiently advanced level.