Participation in the Jazz Ensembles is contingent on an audition. Auditions are held in the beginning of the fall semester and if needed, in the spring semester. Additionally, all participants must register with the University Registrar for the appropriate course(s). All of the audition and registration information is on the BUMO web site.


Due to the nature of the Jazz Ensembles, attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory. Serious illness, family emergency and religious holidays are the only excuses to miss a rehearsal. In providing music organizations for the non-music major, rehearsal time is kept to a minimum so students can concentrate on their academics. Missing only one rehearsal can up to 20% of the rehearsal time for that concert rotation. We have organized and published the schedule far enough in advance that you can plan accordingly. If you foresee any conflicts, you may need to reconsider your participation in the ensemble for the current semester. It is also expected that every member of the ensemble be in their seat, warmed up, and ready to rehearse by the published start time of the rehearsals. If you have a regular conflict that causes you to be tardy you must discuss this with the director of the ensemble prior to the beginning of the semester. The director must approve any other planned tardiness in advance as well.

All absences and planned tardiness must be reported to the Band Office via the Absence Excuse web form. This form must be filled out by 4 PM the day of weekday events, or by 4 PM Friday for weekend events. Your cooperation in this matter will assist us in best notifying the ensemble staff of their events’ personnel situation. Failure to notify the BU Bands office via the web excuse form will indicate to us that you are no longer interested in the ensemble and your name will be removed from the roster.

These expectations of our ensemble members are being enforced to ensure a quality musical experience for all members of the ensembles. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.


Every Jazz Ensemble has a manager who is in charge of music. Each ensemble participant will receive his or her own music for each concert rotation from the manager. Everyone is responsible for his or her own music. Failure to turn in your music at the end of a concert will result in having your student account charged accordingly.

Concert Attire

  • Attire is under the discretion of the ensemble director.