Why English at BU?

The central mission of BU’s English Department is the study of literature in all its richness, from the still-evolving canon of past works to newly emerging cultural and media forms. English students develop the critical, linguistic, and imaginative skills required to understand literature and thrive in the modern world. Most of our courses are seminar-size (under 20 students), so students work closely with professors. Our classes celebrate the pleasures and beauties of art, strengthen the ability to write clear and effective prose, and engage the diversity and complexities of life. The English major and minor give students the freedom to choose from a wide range of courses led by world-class scholars who are also dedicated teachers. (Our faculty have won 13 teaching and advising prizes at BU, including three Metcalf awards.)

For people concerned about the professional value of an English degree, we have good news. In addition to studying the literature, ideas, and cultures that have changed the world and will shape your life, English majors and minors have excellent career opportunities. We help students find internships. Degrees in English strengthen applications to law, business, medical, and other graduate schools. Employers in all sectors value English degrees because they value creativity, critical thinking, and strong communication skills.

To learn more about the usefulness of an English degree, click on the three buttons below. The first offers personal profiles of English majors who are enjoying exciting careers. The second connects to articles on the value of the Humanities. The third provides hard data on how English majors thrive during and after college. As you’ll see, English majors are doing amazing things. They are contributing to the world. They report higher levels of satisfaction in their studies, and their employment and salary figures compare favorably to those of other majors. Whatever your commitments, passions, and goals, studying English speaks to you.

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