Eugene Green



BA, MA, Ohio State University
PhD, University of Michigan

Room 314

Teaching and Research Interests
  • Anglo-Saxon and medieval studies
  • Linguistic and semiotic approaches to literature
Selected Publications:
  • “The Infix [-ev-] and Initial Accent on Yiddish Verbs,” The Field of Yiddish, 6th Collection
  • “Habban and the Second Participle in Old English Poetry,” International Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Semiotics 8 (2003)
  • Anglo-Saxon Audiences (2001)
  • “Civic Voices in Beast Fables: The Owl and the Nightingale; The Nun’s Priest’s Tale,” AUMLA
  • “Seeking and Breaking Silence in Middle English,” Studies in the History of the English Language III
Work in Progress
  • Give and Take in English Through Time—A Study in Pragmatics, a proposal for a textbook in preparation for the University of Edinburgh Press. Work in progress includes one chapter completed and six outlined.
Honors, Grants, and Awards
  • Fulbright Lecturer (1981)
  • American Philosophical Society Award (1977)
  • ACLS Grant-in-Aid (1975)
  • NEH Summer Stipend (1974) for Names of the Land
Other Professional Activities
  • Talk on toddlers’ speech and chimpanzees’ signing, Conference of Culture and Language, University of Hawaii (2004)
  • Talk on “Grecian Pragmatics and Invoking or Breaking Silence,” 14th International Conference on the History of the English Language, Bergamo, Italy (2006)
  • Talk on “Demotic Dispersion of Borrowings,” International Conference on the Historical Linguistics (2007)
  • Talk on “Compounds of the Romantic Period,” Workshop on Language and Literature of the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries, Leiden (2007)
  • Talk, “The Verb weordan in Old and Middle English,” Roundtable of Germanic Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley (2006)
  • “Synonymy and Obsolescence: the Example of Old English ‘weorthan.’” Studies in the History of the English Language 6, Banff, Alberta (2009)
  • Conference at Boston University, 2011: The International Society for the Linguistics of English has elected, after a presentation I gave in Freiburg, Germany, to hold its second conference on campus, June 17–21, 2011