PhD Dissertation Titles


2011             John Barnard

Project: “Icarian Exceptions: Race, Revision, and American Myth.”

Readers: Susan Mizruchi, Maurice Lee

2010             Matt Borushko

Project: “Shelley’s Romantic Nonviolence: Aesthetics, Politics, Ethics.”

Readers: David Wagenknecht, Charles Rzepka

2010             Steven Wandler

Project: “Moral Luck and American Fiction: Identity, Aesthetics, History.”

First reader: Leland Monk

2009             Anna Boyagoda

Project: “Representations of Community in the Poetry of Eric Roach, Derek Walcott, Wallace Stevens, and Elizabeth Bishop.”

First reader: Laurence Breiner

2009              Mina Zdravkovic

Project: “Aesthetic at Its End: Late Style in the Works of Joseph Conrad, Vladimir Nabokov, and W.G.Sebald”

First Reader: Aaron Fogel

2009             Eric Johnson DeBaufre

Project: “A Globe of Countries: Carto-Geographic Consciousness and the Production of Early Modern English Literature, 1516-1616

Readers: Carroll, Siemon

2009             Eoin Cannon

Project: “The Politics of Redemption: Addiction and Conversion in Modern Culture”

Readers: Mizruchi, Carlo Rotella (Boston College)

2008             Jane Zwart

Project: “The American Initial at the End of the 20th Century: Rewriting The Scarlet Letter and the Romance of the American Origin”

Readers: Breiner

2008            Jennifer Airey

Project: “‘I Would Have Kill’d Myself With A Knife’: Sexual Violence, Courtroom Broadside, and The Restoration Stage”

Readers: Winn, Murphy

2008             Lisa Hinrichsen

Project: “Moving Forward, Looking Past: Trauma, Fantasy, and Misrecognition in Southern Literature 1930-2001”

Readers: Matthews, Patterson

2008             Belisa Monteiro

Project: “The Pleasures of Comic Mischief in Jane Austen’s Novels”

Readers: Brown, Winn

2008              Sara Pearson

Project: “Religion, Gender and Authority in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte”

Readers: Brown, Herbert Rosengarten (Chodat, proxy)

2008             Shawn Normandin

Project: “The Opacity of Renunciation in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Readers: Levine, Green

2008             Jason Pearl

Project: “New Words and New Worlds in the Age of Crusoe and Gulliver”

Readers: Winn, Breiner

2008             Keith Johnson

Project: “The Ethics of Form and the Form of Ethics: Experiments in Literature and Philosophy”

Readers: Fogel, Wagenknecht

2008             Elisa Oh

Project: “Defining Absence: Reading Female Silence in Early Modern Literature 1580-1640”

Readers: Carroll, Elaine Beilin (Framingham State U)

2007             Sara Sullivan

Project: “Coming Home to History: the Domestic Interior and the nation in Twentieth-Century Literature”

Readers: Preston, Smith, Brown

2007             Alex Bove

Project: “Dickens’ Dream-Representations: Image and Character Beyond Mimesis”

Readers: Wagenknecht, Brown

2007             Joseph Navitsky

Project: “‘Words with Words Revenged’: Religious Conflict and the Rearticulation of Late Elizabethan Satire”

Readers: Siemon, Martin

2007             Evan Willner

Project: “Imminent Communities: The Epistomological Challenge of Twentieth-Century Experimental Poetry”

Readers: Fogel, Costello

2007             Emily Rohrbach

Project: “Historioraphy of the Subject in Austen, Keats, and Byron”

Readers: Wagenknecht, Rzepka

2006             Joseph Linitz

Project: “Versions of Pastoral in Modern American Fiction”

Readers: Patterson, Matthews

2005            Reena Sastri

Project: “James Merrill: Knowing Innocence”

Readers: Costello, Riquelme

2005            Randy  Boyagoda

Project: “Imagining Nation and Imaginary Americans: Race, Immigration, and American Identity in the Fiction of Salman Rushdie, Ralph Ellison, and William Faulkner.”

Readers: Matthews, Breiner

2005            Sharifah Osman

Project: “Bandit Queens and Eastern Sisters: Byronic Heroes and British Nationalism, 1770-1840”

Readers: Rzepka, Wagenknecht

2005              Amy Weintraub Kratka

Project: “Cynthia Ozick’s Sacral Aesthetic.”

Readers: Korobkin, Brown

2005            Daniel  Silverstone

Project: “Urban Topographies: Controlling the Movement of People in Fictions of Dublin, London, and Los Angeles”

Readers: Fogel, Matthews

2005            Melanie  Benson

Project: “Disturbing Calculations:  The Economics of Southern Identity.”

Readers: Matthews, Patterson

2004            Laurel  Corelle

Project: “Elizabeth Bishop and Christian Literary Tradition”

Readers: Costello, Hawkins

2004            Wade  Newhouse

Project: “Home/Front: Domesticity, Nationalism, and the Narrative of Civil War from Reconstruction to the 1930s”

Readers: Matthews, Patterson

2003            Jennifer Ann Ho

Project: “Consumption and Identity in Asian-American Coming-of-Age Novels”

Readers: Mizruchi, Patterson

2003            Kirk Bazler Melnikoff

Project: “Professional Drama in the Twilight of the Elizabethan Clown: Playing and Professional Playwrighting in the Late 1580s and Early 1590s”

Readers: Siemon, Carroll

2002            Christopher Stuart Chapman

Project: “The Last Southern Gentleman: A Critical Biography of Shelby Foote”

Readers: Matthews, Patterson

2002            Peter Frederick Anderson

Project: “Against Silence: Poetry in Prison Under Apartheid”

Readers: Breiner, Fogel

2002            Sohui  Lee

Project: “Pens of the Democratic Party: Nationalism, Politics, and Creative Literature in The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, 1837-1845”

Readers: Mizruchi, D. Wagenknecht

2002            Ann  Keniston

Project: “Overheard Voices: Address and Subjectivity in Postmodern American Lyric”

Readers: Costello, Monk

2001            Peter Green Lurie

Project: “Vision’s Immanence: Film, the Gaze, and Popular Narrative in Faulkner’s Modernism”

Readers: Matthews, Monk

2001            Jonathan David Mulrooney

Project: “The Subject of Theater: Theatrical Criticism and Poetry in Britain, 1798-1832”

Readers: Rzepka, D. Wagenknecht

2001            Kaara L. Peterson

Project: “Pathology and Performance: Representing Hysterical Disease in Early Modern England”

Readers: Carroll, Martin

2000            Lisa Ann Rodensky

Project: “Minds, Acts, and Crimes: Charles Dickens, George Eliot, James Fitzjames Stephen, and Victorian Criminal Responsibility”

Readers: Ricks, Korobkin

2000            Jean Follansbee Quinn

Project: “Democratic Aesthetics: The Discourse of Social Justice in American Literature, Criticism, and Philosophy of the 1930s”

Readers: Mizruchi, Matthews

2000            Naomi Ziva Sofer

Project: “Rites of Authorship: Gender and Religion in the American Literary Imagination”

Readers: Mizruchi, Korobkin