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Job Placement

The Department of English assumes responsibility for assisting its graduates in finding suitable academic employment. One member of the faculty serves each year as Director of Graduate Placement to advise all students seeking employment, including reviewing all sample letters and CVs and setting up mock interviews. The University’s Placement Service assembles dossiers of letters for a nominal fee. The Department of English normally provides some travel support to the MLA convention for students who are interviewing. Since the Graduate Program in English at Boston University is relatively small in size, close personal attention can be given to each job applicant.

Since 2000, Boston University has awarded 47 doctorates in English.  Of these alumni, 25 currently hold tenure-track jobs (53%), including positions at Dartmouth, Northwestern, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, Wellesley, Calvin College, Oxford (Exeter College), and many other Research I institutions.  An additional 9 alums (20%) hold visiting professorships, lectureships, or other academic positions, including Director of Harvard’s History and Literature program, Assistant Director of Stanford’s Writing Program, and Assistant Director of CUNY’s Jewish Studies program.

Among the department’s placements since 1995 are the following:

Nathaniel Rothschild

2013 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, St. Thomas Aquinas College

John Levi Barnard

2013 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, College of Wooster

Daniel Salerno

2012 Assistant Professor, Bergen Community College

Scott Cameron

2011 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, BYU-Idaho

Leslie Simon

2011 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Utah Valley University

Kristin Smith Bezio

2011 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, University of Richmond

Matthew Borushko

2009 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Stonehill College

Jennifer Airey

2008 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, University of Tulsa.

Lisa Hinrichsen

2008 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas.

Sara Pearson

2008 Tenured Associate Professor, Trinity Western University, British Columbia, Canada.

Jason Pearl

2008 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Florida International University.

Keith Johnson

2008 Tenured Associate Professor Augusta State University

Elisa Oh

2008 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Howard University.

Jane Zwart

2008 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Calvin College

Joseph Navitsky

2007 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, West Chester University

Alex Bove

2007 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Pacific University

Emily Rohrbach

2007 Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Northwestern University.

Melanie Benson

2005 Tenure-track Associate Professor, Dartmouth College.

Randy Boyagoda

2005 Tenured Associate Professor, Chair of the Dept, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.

Reena Sastri

2005 Early Career Fellow in American Literature, Exeter College, Oxford University.

Sharifah Osman

2005 Senior Lecturer, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Amy Weintraub Kratka

2005 Assistant Director, Jewish Studies Program, City College of New York.

Kirk Melnikoff

2003 Associate Professor of English, University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Jennifer Ho

2003 Tenured Associate Professor of English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Peter Anderson

2002 Associate Professor of English, Austin College.

Sohui Lee

2002 Assistant Director, Hume Writing Center, and Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University.

Ann Keniston

2001 Associate Professor of English, University of Nevada, Reno.

Peter Lurie

2001 Tenured Associate Professor of English, University of Richmond.

Jonathan Mulrooney

2001 Associate Professor of English, College of the Holy Cross.

Kaara Peterson

2001 Tenured Associate Professor of English, Miami (Ohio) University.

Lisa Rodensky

2000 Associate Professor of English, Wellesley College.

Jeanne Follansbee Quinn

2000 Academic Dean, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
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