Flight School 101

Want to know how a plane flies? Or how a rocket glides through the air? How are balloons like boats? Why can’t we fly like a bird? Learn the principles of flight such as thrust, lift, and drag through hands on activities and design challenges. You’ll build, fly and crash your own test designs. From basic foam gliders to radio controlled vehicles, you can design and build your own flight machines. You’ll, put your designs to the test and compete for records such as longest time in the air, greatest distance traveled, and highest altitude reached.

Session 2 (Only)
Current Grades 7 - 9

Ever want to make a robot? It’s easier than you think! In two-person teams, you’ll build machines that react to the world around them, and complete design challenges that lead you from 3-D obstacle courses through search-and-rescue missions to a final interactive competition (soccer, pod races, or other sports). We’ll be using the new NXT Lego’s Mindstorms robotics kits for quick and easy build- ing. More advanced students will be able to create a colony of robots that interact with each other or explore computer-aided drafting (CAD) of their de- signs. No previous programming or building experi- ence required—there will be progressive challenges for every level of expertise, even if you already own a Mindstorms kit!

Sessions 1 & 2
Current Grades 7 - 9
Electrical & Mechanical Gizmos

Electricity and electromagnetism are strange and powerful things! Learn how they work and how to use them to do cool things. Learn to wire circuits and make foolproof security systems. Design and build a secret candy safe with an electromagnetic lock and alarm system. Build your own electric motor, and design your own motorized invention, which could be a strobe light, a carnival game or who knows what—your imagination is the only limit! This workshop includes a basic toolbox and materials for students to take home.

Session 1 (Only)
Current Grades 6 - 8