Links and Resources

U-Design Flight School Workshop

Contact and blog information:

Gary Garber, Instructor of Physics
Boston University Academy
1 University Road
Boston, MA 02215

U-Design Robo Alley Workshop

Here are some links that will allow you to explore! Many of these will also have links to other sites.

LEGO's main site
Materials, ideas and the shop

Briex Command Center
The program used in Robo Alley. No need to download NXC separately.

The premier Lego users group network

A Lego CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) site. Allows you to make 3‐D models on your computer

The Construction Site
A "local" store that has all sorts of building and engineering toys 200 Moody Street, Waltham, MA (781) 899-7900
The hub of all NXT related topics
All programming info needed for NXC

U-Design Mechanical & Electrical Gizmos Workshop

Here are some sources for electronics and links that will allow you to explore! Many of these will also have links to other sites.


All Electronics

Electric Goldmine

ABS (Activity Based Supplies)
Not that cheap but they have gears, pulleys, wheels, axles, Lego and Knex , kits and many other types of technology building kits.

Great Design and Experimentation Books

1) Cook, James G. The Thomas Edison Book of Easy and Incredible Experiments Zubrowshi, Bernie. Blinkers and Buzzers: Building and Experimenting with Electricity and Magnetism
2) Carrow, Robert. Turn on the Lights from Bed!: Electronic Inventions, Contraptions and Gadgets Kids Can Build
3) Dispezio, Michael. Awesome Experiments with Electricity and Magnetism
4) Bartholomew, Alan. Electric Gadgets and Gizmos: Battery‐Powered Buildable Gadgets that Go!
5) Graf, Rudolf. Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments